Meek Mill Denied Entry to Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

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16 thoughts on “Meek Mill Denied Entry to Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas”

  1. Question: Aren’t there any blacks who own any popular clubs on the strip? THAT is the question. We’re talking about disposable income, so why spend money at a place that disrespects you? Why give them your money? Their loss.

  2. We can’t progress when every time something happens, we throw the race card and relentlessly defend Meek Mill. Need to stop assuming it’s race and stop assuming Meek is clear of any wrongdoing

  3. I hate when people try to make everything racist, Las Vegas clubs and hotels are very picky on who they let in there clubs and hotels. Like the type of clothes you wear to the culture you represent. And dont compare meek to nipsey one created jobs for his community the other just doesn't want to go to jail.

  4. Black men are 6% of the population and black women are 7% so i do know how y'all spending a trillion dollars? STOP THE LIES!!!!! THE DEMOCRAT PARTY STARTED THE KKK,LOOK IT UP.. YOUS ARE BEING LIED TO.

  5. Its people out here overdosing dying from preventable diseases being shot down by cops in the street and we supposed to care about where rich celebrities can and cannot party at. There is real s*** going on out here nobody got time for this s***. They didn't want your business move on.

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