Meek Mill gets BANNED by a private hotel for being a Black Male Rapper

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21 thoughts on “Meek Mill gets BANNED by a private hotel for being a Black Male Rapper”

  1. No it's against the law you can not discriminate for their race religion disability and the last one is sexual preference it's the law and with that being said I've sued to places and I'm going to Vegas next month I hope they don't play no games with me.

  2. Just let another White boy shot up the strip. So they can sale bumper stickers with Vegas Strong white people suck ass and look like a asshole pink bastard s

  3. Stop going to these WHITE Owned Luxury Hotels making these motherfuckers RICHER and make y'all own Luxury Hotels and fuck THOSE White people y'all keep SUCKING THEIR BALLS FOR.. MOTHERFUCKER haven't learned shit yet look at History.. They come into our culture to blend in then steal our styles.. Like they how they did with our Ancestors Recipes passed them on to their White children than claim their great grand parents passed it to them.. BULLSHIT

  4. Rapper are too dangerous to be around cause people are trying to kill them and I wouldn’t want that type of crowd around my business these are same people that stood outside people houses business and didn’t care and open selling drugs More people need ban these rappers

  5. Exactly they're about to see honey YOUR always gonna be black we need to really stick together facts and they're definitely discriminatory and yes we definitely need to ban together

  6. I don’t believe it was because he’s black. He baited the culture because they weren’t honoring his caliber or social status. It could have very well been because he’s not a A-List celebrity and their organization had exclusive guests that evening.

  7. We have a bunch of entertainers that make lot of money. All they talk about is spending. Maybe is time you all think about putting your heads and money together and build your own. Let this be your wake up call.

  8. Harmony is not with you… living hell is coming…. Misery is waiting at the gates of Armageddon…. Raging fires will burn the very souls of dead and dying….

  9. Other races take you seriously if you don't buy their sh** or put up with their behavior. Keep allowing it and they will keep doing it.

    You see how Gucci brought over Soulja Boy items and apologize when Soulja Boy said boycott Gucci, but he said he still boycotting and Papa John's business is failing because people are taken it seriously and they are trying to replace the spokes person with a black man. Black people should not accept no on purpose apology because you keep seeing the repeated over and over again when you do accept it.

    Millions of racist white people boycott the NFL for the kneeling and didn't watch it. Why can't black people have some pride and not by from people the hate, disrespect, and are racist to them.

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