Meek Mill issues with Cosmo Hotel and Las Vegas

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22 thoughts on “Meek Mill issues with Cosmo Hotel and Las Vegas”

  1. Tone you can't discount the hotels experiences. They are not in the business of turning away great customers. People are getting tired of the nonsense.

  2. Foreigners and whites are buying all land property in this country so black american can never step on 🇺🇸 soil ever again unless its a prison black people need to do something now before it gets worsened

  3. Raw but real! White supremacy trying to hang on with its last fangs… this incident should motivate more ADOS in the fight for Reparations!! This is blatant racial discrimination old school style! I Guarantee you that this hotel used some public funding to build! So wait! We good enough for you to take are tax money to help build your over priced hotel 6 but not good when we want use your hotel?? Gtfoh😡🖕🏾 Cosmo hotel

  4. I think the climate is ripe for a procession of NWUC's. They don't want or need your money Meek. And the only place that your "Millions" impresses, is around other broke black people. I hope you and the other bragadocious in your culture realize that your money is crumbs compared to the money held by the dominant society, a spitball on a bonfire. Your ego is out of place, and the time for your genre of Brag Rap is running out. READ THOMAS PIKETTY'S "CAPITAL IN THE 21ST CENTURY" #ADOSstandup

  5. This hotel has a "list" of rappers that are not allowed in the hotel. So, the amount of "GREEN" that you have does not matter as long as you are BLACK!!

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