Meek Mill Says Las Vegas Hotel Was "Racist As Heck” Towards Him But Not Jay-Z So He Plans On Suing

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30 thoughts on “Meek Mill Says Las Vegas Hotel Was "Racist As Heck” Towards Him But Not Jay-Z So He Plans On Suing”

  1. Lmao meek saying " say no more we out " like they care after asking him to leave ha get mad all you want but meek mill is a priveledged brat that cries victim whenever he does not get his way. This does not look like it has anything to do with racism. All I see in the video is the establishment speaking professionally to meek while he keeps interrupting them like a child.

  2. So either they're racist, biased, or he's just privileged.. I don't know enough information on the Hotel but I find it hard to believe they have no black guests staying in their hotel lol

  3. Well can you blame the hotels with names like Gotti and black boy and a business has a right to refuse service to anyone and he probably got there and acted ghetto ass fuck thinking he's a superstar with vip status. You know that's what happened.

  4. This is the dumbest lawsuit of all time, he probably won’t even file he is just doing this for attention since he is a terrible rapper he needs attention somehow

  5. I fuck with meek and everything he has going on lately. I'm in vegas all the time. I'm moving out there very soon. The cosmopolitan hotel is what I would consider a posh up scale hotel/resort. This is not a Vegas/Cosmopolitan against black people. I was there last month mad black people up in that bitch. This isn't Them against the culture because I'm 100 percent positive if Drake went up there the narrative changes. Go back and listen to the rappers they list and that will clear shit up a bit. They are clearly not fucking with meeks past history of wild shit happening around him. He brought a certain kind of atmosphere with at one point in time and that is why he got played out. Its kinda fucked up but I get it.

  6. Meek Mill also claimed "Acorn" was a racial slur and called it a hate crime when someone tagged his Grandma's house. It's fucked his grandma's house got hit, but come on, man.

  7. But if they let other black people in how is that racist? There's probably a good reason they had to check something first, people just cry racism when things dont go there way

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