Meek Mill takes a stand against the Las Vegas Cosmopolitian Hotel

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7 thoughts on “Meek Mill takes a stand against the Las Vegas Cosmopolitian Hotel”

  1. I’m saying…what if we find out Meek was in the hotel tearing shit up?? Let’s hold off before we find out this some “Jussie Smollete” type shit….even when that Jussie shit popped off I called bullshit…his whole story was fucked up….looking at that video, seems like something took place we don’t know about!!!! Not saying it was Meek himself….could have been an associate that was there with him….think about it like this….if a hotel does that and they know his celebrity status…they know there could be backlash….so let’s just wait and see before we start protesting and marching in Vegas….get ALL the facts….now if they wrong…WE CAN BURN THAT BITCH TO THE GROUND!!!!!

  2. It doesn’t have anything to do with someone getting hurt or killed outside of Meeks concert at one point does it? Or any other rapper that has been surrounded by trouble?and whom else did they turn away as far as being black that particular evening or did they just wanna give Meek a hard time considering he’s trying too change and have been in a good light lately mmmh🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. As a black man we go thru a lot of extra bullshit.. from always getting “randomly” searched at airports to getting denied entry into clubs because someone jeans was so called baggie.. it’s a never ending cycle

  4. Black people, we should not be there in the beginning, fight for something that makes sense, all the black children and old people need your energy, it's your pride you are fighting for, not us poor people, we are coming back to our God, we don't need that stuff brother, the casinos are not poor black people problems, we are dying man, forget a dam casino brother

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