Meek Mill Will Sue Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for Alleged Racism | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

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44 thoughts on “Meek Mill Will Sue Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas for Alleged Racism | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY”

  1. Geek Mill shouldn't even be allowed into the Tropicana, let alone the Cosmopolitan. He's a felon! He can stay at a Motel 6.

  2. 200 million dollar ride whip I would TAKE! a couple million from Drake just because how good is all that pussy (Millie Bobby Brown ya ya I know too young BUT!… all that Money? Fame? tis a good thought no? 🍆

  3. Here we go again playing the race card. Being black or asian or whatever he wants to be has NOTHING to do with it. Alot if these guys think that because they are celebrities that they can do snd say anything they want. I bet you that he has been up to no good at the hotel or an affiliated property. These people will have drunken/drug all night parties, are loud and profane, destroy and or vandalize as they like. This was not handed no does a Jackass lawyer have to he involved but it should go to show to anyone that it doesn’t matter who you are. You break the law you take the consequences. I despise racism but it even when people try to use to their immature way of life.

  4. The race card is really getting annoying. I go to the Cosmo ocassionally but I have friends that work there and one of them is black. If you haven't noticed, there are also lots of black people that are always in the Cosmo. Meek mill obviously is but hurt because he didnt get special treatment and have exceptions made for him. If you were told to leave then go to a different establishment, dont pull the race card and threaten to sue because you didnt get your way. Its childish at this point.

  5. he's crying over spilled milk. I live in Vegas and the cosmopolitan has sooooo many black men and women at the bars. especially pimps. if they dont turn pimps away they didn't turn him away due to the color of his skin. cosmopolitan isn't upper echelon and if rappers have a problem with being profiled maybe don't rap about drugs , gangs, killing and hoes and people won't judge you ! they have no issues with rappers. the Wynn is bringing in drake, cardi B has a residency at the palms and Jay and bey are always at the encore. didn't little Wayne perform at the club inside aria as well. meek wants attention hes always in some legal battles

  6. I'm sorry stop fooling yourself the rappers do not know how to behave, They feel because they have a couple of dollars they can trash anywhere they go

  7. Drake has a $200 million jet?!?…What a dumb investment! I don't think he will be that relevant in 5 years. He's a big time rapper, but he shouldn't be renting a jet that expensive with his net worth. He's not Michael Jackson. LOL!

  8. Good luck. Just because they don't want you in their hotel doesn't automatically make it about race, he's pretty infamous already for carrying around weapons, maybe they just don't want people like that in their establishment which is THEIR RIGHT. Businesses have the right to refuse anyone service at any time. So unless they can provide video or written evidence of someone specifically stating they denied entry due to his skin color, you ain't got no case. BYE.

  9. Really? Drake is only worth 149 mill. Now rappers are going to brake themselves to fake like Drake. Hope they don't fall for the brainwash. Good try but I'm not buyin it.

  10. This is what I don’t feel about meek, he calling it racism because they don’t want him there but I guarantee there’s other black people in that establishment. It’s not racism it’s called prejudice…prejudice against rappers who have hood niggas around them everywhere they go. Black people know what I’m saying if they keep it a bean, for example this ain’t happening to cole or J Noo way . Sometimes people don’t want to have that in there business. Meek shouldn’t even stress that tho, take your business somewhere else and stop begging. Also, stop saying everything is racism it just devalues the actual meaning…this was them being prejudice simple as that.

  11. Get over yourself no one owes you squat. They just doing there job. I didn't hear any racism comment and you playing the black card. You get the red card homie, your out of the game

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