Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fly on private jet again to France after gas guzzling Ibiza trip

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24 thoughts on “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fly on private jet again to France after gas guzzling Ibiza trip”

  1. I’m entitled to state my opinion on the information about any post that is in the feed.
    However what I don’t do is write disgusting comments about the posts, they are my opinions and I am entitled to post them
    Take my posts as you will, however if you’re a nasty little troll that feels compelled to throw sticks and stones – to you well I say to you seek therapy and go to hell!!!!

  2. More power to them. The hypocrites are the folks PRETENDING they wouldn’t fly private if they could do so too. Who wants to be on a germ filled flight with strangers coughing and sneezing everywhere when you could fly with ONLY your own family? 🤦‍♀️

  3. OK ,for meghan harry archie ,for their short holidays in europe,
    But,tell us now about the 15 days holidays in private island,far
    from europe,for william-kate and their 3 small children ! !

  4. Good on them….you earned and inherited YOUR money "F" the peasants who want to dictate how you spend it. Commonsense folks will understand what their conservation efforts are about.

  5. Interesting how the evil hate squad and MM defenders have a free run on youtube. They can not be reported or blocked, but they can spew their hatred towards others who exercise their right to free speech and own opinion.
    To all those threatening and abusing me for my honest and valid opinion, "go to hell, where you belong"

  6. Thses idiots called haters are sick, William and Kate r always on holidays now that harry and family does so they yap hypocrites u will burn with jealousy and its the beginning till u die

  7. The doll she is carrying in her arms is based on at least a one year old child.. Look at the size of it. Span of the shoulders. The arms, legs. This is all a scam !

  8. Unfortunately talk is cheap, do as I say and not as I do. Very sad, they need to walk in the shoes of a normal working person and perhaps they would have more appreciation of how their actions are perceived.

  9. Leave them alone!!! Stop!!! Stop!!! Stop!!! Two people cant save the planet……how about talking about trump who takes horrible steps every single day to take away regulations meant to save our water, the oceans, the wildlife, our food supply, coal emissions, factory pollution, I could seriously go on. Trump is the worst menace of all time and you talk about this!!!!! Stop!!!

  10. See how these phony ass pukes are?Just made that big O speech !! Climate change blah blah lead by example, and then go hire a private jet.Oh then stay on a very,very expensive yacht.William & Kate take commercial but ms.thang ain't gonna have it.He usta fly commercial also.She is a bit much I bet.PRINCESS DIANA WOULDN'T APPROVE!!

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