Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Jet Off With Baby Archie For Secret Vacation

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50 thoughts on “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Jet Off With Baby Archie For Secret Vacation”

  1. I'm so sick of you 🐄 always talking about Meghan this and Meghan that by the way she is hrh the duchess of Sussex so gtfoi damn now the duchess can't make all these plans and arrangements the Duke of Sussex has to come in the plans somewhere but no all you people want to blame the duchess Meghan she can't do any of these things without her husband the Duke of Sussex or the queen permission so please get over yourself please leave this woman alone you all will reap what you sow think about people stop the hate with her she done nothing to you all the Duke of Sussex loves the duchess Meghan love people and stop the hate

  2. WOW , nothing like keeping a secret, secret
    I'M sure Duchess Dingle-Berry sent out Indian runners with exactly where she would be, and who she will be wearing, and has given strict instructions to make sure no hecklers are allowed any where near them
    On her recent outing people started to boo her, can you imagaine how embarrassing that had to be

  3. Diana aussi prenait des vacances de rêves sur des yachts. Les anglais veulent une monarchie , qu'il assument, pourquoi Ils devraient se comporter comme le commun des mortels. Vous feriez pareil à leurs places.Ils ont bien raison .
    Vive les Sussex .

  4. She who loves the media and pictures didn't take pictures of a non existent baby when she loves to show off. Hard to believe she would let such an event pass her by. Bye,bye is what she should do forever.

  5. These two always on vacation. They must be so tired what with all the rallies they March, all the nights they stay up making placards and signs and all the people they have to go door to door to get signatures for causes they support. Let's not forget she's the only mother in the world who has to get dressed up by a team, go wave and shake hands and come back after a long two hours of work every few weeks to a crying baby taken care of by nannies paid for by the public. Awwwwwwwwwwww. Thank you Harry and Meghan for being such tireless. I mean tired, human beings…. I mean humanitarians. Meghan really love the work you do for the women who need clothes for work. Love how you spend all that money on the crap you wear when you can look good for wayyyyyyyyyy less and give away all that other money or at least buy clothes for those women if you're so concerned… At least fly coach next time to save the planet and all. That way you're at least pretending to care!

  6. They've been BUSY!! A baby and 2 public appearances!! My first baby I had a C-section and 2 arm surgeries in less than 6 weeks and found a job. I could barely walk and my arms were wrapped up, they figured that anyone who could/would go through all that and look for a job wanted to work. I'm certain that what I made in a year would be less than what they made in a day. Soooo … what are they getting paid for??

  7. Pair of hypocrites that have been called out by professors & Environmentalists! They should lead by example If they are serious about supporting such a cause as climate change

  8. Meanwhile, some people don't have food for themselves and their children!! What a world, what a bunch of hypocrites! And this applies to all royals btw! 😏

  9. They should have gone before the baby came, just to show all those disbelievers that MM really was pregnant. A bikini shot would have shut them all up!

  10. Imagine how this women feel inside this racist ass wanna be America here in London everyday someone talking about her and her husband. I can't believe we still living in these times.

  11. Good for the family. They need some private family time.
    But using a private jet, using public money and then wanting to be left away from the public eye is not right. If they want it they should not use public money for living a luxurious life.

  12. Reportedly jetted off, meaning there're only guessing/speculating, Oh yeah and it's a secret lol. Reading the comments I see some actually believe something being reported that has not been verified. Imagine that

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