Mexico Vacation Deaths

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  1. This is so stupid. Life is a daily risk. We live in suburban Chicago, and Chicago is far worse than any place I've ever been to. My wife and I have been going to Mexico for 30 years and we love it. We have a time share there. As of matter of fact we just returned from cancun. A lot of times, people don't want to own up to their own actions. So they blame the rest of society.

  2. America just needs to build the border wall and close the border, It is obvious the criminal mindedness, greed and stupidity are ingrained traits of the people of Mexico when you look at all the hideous crimes and murders from the cartels and all the other criminals in Mexico, Such as the Mexican illegal Alien smugglers leaving 40 people in a truck trailer that reached 150 degrees and 10 died, and the cartels killing over 6000 a month by burning people alive in barrels of gas and skinning people alive along with the mass kidnapping and rape slaying of women in Juarez, Mexico. These people bring their crime traditions where ever they go, that is why crime rates have jumped in all the cities in America with growing Mexican populations. America certainly doesn't need to import more crime and poverty so close the border now, the sooner the better.

  3. how could you blame a country for accidental deaths , i from mexico and i so sick of misleading information such as these video , all countrys have crime including the USA and people died because of accidents you cannont blame a country for the accidental dead of someone that is just ridiculous and many american specially youngs go to mexico to do what they cant do in usa liek drugs , is stupid to think that a drug dealer is going to treath you rigth is not going to take ypur money away of beat you to take your money is just stupid

  4. You dumbfuck USA is extremely more Mexico is like a safe house compared to USA there is a bunch of guns and stuff those incidents are tragedys but look at usa history

  5. And the u.s.a is very safe right? full of crazy people with guns ,what just happened in colorado at the movie theater? the crime rate is very high, and cops there always beatting people to death , so piss off

  6. ummmmmm……the sky is falling….please,……like we are suppose to believe this…..people here that party in mexico feel like their kings in that country…..have no respect for their laws..and believe me…..the people there will give you their shirt off their back to comfort you…hospitality they do have….i believe your a redneck whose tweeking on mexican demanded drugs you need….

  7. These are very sad stories, but I have to wonder about why tourists fall from their balconies. Could alcohol be involved? And if so, whose fault is that?
    My wife and I go to Mexico just about every year, mainly Puerto Vallarta, and we don't feel we are in danger as many of our friends seem to think we are.

  8. Alot of these stories do not add up. You say the was found laying in the pool, but how did it happen. What caused him to drown? You say a little boy was playing in a hot tub unsupervised by his own family. It is tragic what happened to these people, but you must give the full story.

  9. I'm very sorry about your lost, I can't imagine how did you feel
    look.. I'm mexican, and as I was reading all what happen to Nolan I felt sick, It's true that we can have irresponsable people but it's the same in the whoole world, you're in all your right to be as much angry as you want, but still.. this doesn't make Cancun or Riviera Maya a dangerous place to visit, there are millions and millions of tourists in Mexico every year(30mln) and fortunately this is something very strange to happen

  10. @pelonbombero Its the fact that the death was PREVENTABLE. Had the drowning happened in america, do you think the EMT's would let him lay by the pool for HOURS demanding money before they would do anything? Lie about procedures they havent done so they could bill more money to the victims family? HELL NO! They would give cpr and get oxygen to the drowning victim asap and transport them to the hospital, whether that person or their family has the ability to pay or not.

  11. Makes me Want to say. Grab your GAK piece when you go on vacation in another place besides the US or CANADA. I've been around the globe and back. And yes ive been to the slums of ROC city, SA, and the WEST BANK, and about 11 3rd "world" countries you cant say in the english that you speak…. and Nobody has ever rolled me up because….. I ACT LIKE THE PEOPLE. The little kids I feel bad for really I do. But the people pass 18 and beyond. Well isnt that why you went down to MEX E Co.

  12. Unfortunate that these people were murdered we just cant go to mexico stay in the U.S. where trained caring professionals are there to assist you and the danger factor is way lower and equipment is beyond nominal where your safety is number 1 priority

  13. @FabulousTerrah Hmmmmm funny how one just assumes that is the cause for Nolan to slip under the water. How would you explain the total lace of medical respsonse. Does that happen everywhere in the world? Get a life and an education while you're at it.

  14. most of the deaths in Mexico occur because of drug cartels. Mexican citizen and tourists are dying just because someone in the US wants to get high… That is the real source of the problem.

  15. So many people die falling from balconies because in Mexico, the balcony railing heights are far below the U.S. standard. Tourists lean back, and the center of gravity takes over. Very sad, very tragic and very unfortunate that our travel industry chooses to not tell us about this!

  16. Cancun is a fun place to party but being there so many times myself there are many safety risks especially at Oasis Cancun. The local authorities try to cover up any incidents to protect the tourism industry.

  17. Pablo32123 you're going to have to do better than that. The 32% statistic is far from "meaningless". Between 1/1/07 and 6/30/09, 18 U.S. citizens died in Canada from a non-natural cause. During that same time period 582 U.S. citizens died in MEXICO from a non-natural cause. The fact remains….Mexico is a DANGEROUS country to travel to period! A little bit of education by would be travelers will convince them…stay out of Mexico. Spend your hard earned dollars somewhere safe.

  18. They fail to mention what the percentage of americans that go outside the country go to mexico. If 32% go to mexico and 32% of deaths occur in mexico then mexico is on par with anywhere in the world. It's a meaningless statistic, lies, damned lies, and statistics.
    the report on the website mentions he was breathing when taken out of the pool. The symptoms read like alcohol poisoning not drowning. Granted, maybe he could have been saved with a first world health system, but this is mexico.

  19. im mexican..i know that we have alot of problems..but problems are all over the world, my ciuntry have a lot of good people,,,im just a mexican girl that study a lot, i have to go to tijuana to study everyfucking day, i work, i want learn many thinghs, i dont use drugs, i dont drink alcohol …dont talk about my country in a racist way or like "mexicaphobia"

  20. my girlfriend is going to cancun for a grad trip and i am posotively terrified. i have known about the dangers of mexico (especially the area around cancun) for a long time but now it seems so much more intense now that its my loved one who is putting her life at risk and with the greatly increased crime rate im even more worried. she doesnt seem to take any of my warnings to heart. everyone should know the dangers of the shit hole that is mexico! i hope to god i dont lose my baby.

  21. Interesting… – First time i went to Cancun i was robbed at gunpoint. – and the second time I actually stayed at the Grand Oasis, the hotel in the beginning of the video. Never had any problems, the hotel staff was great actually. – But, its real sad to see all this stuff that happened to these people. I don't doubt it. You gotta be real careful vacationing down there.

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