Miami Beach Florida Sandbar tbt

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31 thoughts on “Miami Beach Florida Sandbar tbt”

  1. I ,for one, enjoy the way the story is told. You Indiscreetly capturing boodiie on film is your hallmark viewership draw thus far… But you are also adding in family, love, experience, advice, and adventure with a very unique perspective. Well done Fresco Channel!!!

  2. I wish I could be with you on this pleasant beach with my family … but unfortunately I am in a continent and you are in another. We do not have such a climate in my country. We do not have a coast but we have fresh rivers but government authorities prevent us from approaching or just for fun. .. A hardened people and arrogant government. I wish you the happiest times with your family

  3. Awesome Throw Back video Fresco nothing like spending time with family and friends and having a good time
    Hope you and your family have a great Memorial Day Weekend

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