Michio Kaku forecasts the future of space travel

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36 thoughts on “Michio Kaku forecasts the future of space travel”

  1. Its a very large concern that plan s to do space travel are not having more work on things like faster travel, better radiation shielding and motion and gravity dampeners…becuase with out those its not safe or healthy space travel and things like making different species will happen…likely less healthy…and the human species likely won't survive, unless Earth's climate is helped, and people can live on Earth, or if there are space stations with artfical gravity on them very similar to Earth's…so even if humans can make colonies on Mars, and the Earth is rendered inhabitable…with out the Earth or space stations or ship s with artifical gravity similar to Earths then in the best case scenario humans will not endure…

  2. Ok big fan of professor Kaku. For most of his work. But its concerning that the plan to make a Multi planet species will make a different species…this topic is very important…

  3. I don't agree with this. Without Goverment or Public support if something happens to these Billionaires, there is literally NO ONE to move their projects forward. To have such valuable Humanity endeavours in the hand of a few is a mistake. These are projects that will take decades (if not more), so this has to be in the hands of the People.

  4. It is the natural order of things that government does big, expensive projects first and then industry takes over. I remember when I was young noting that most other countries had one national government run airline while the USA had many airlines, none run by the government.

  5. The technology to go to the moon, land safely, broadcast yourself, and return safely, did NOT EXIST in 1969 and does not exist today. There IS a dinosaur in the room Michio, pick up a mirror! That's as nicely as I can say it!

  6. This is bullshit the public sector always takes much more risk then the private one. The problem is that NASA cant do much with that bullshit 20B budget. Allocate money from the military industrial complex to Nasa and see what innovations will vome from it

  7. If billionaires want to waste their money they got by getting huge tax breaks from the government which is actually OUR money, by cheating their employees out of a living wage, creating useless junk that can't be fixed or recycled or by creating a world where there's no jobs for people cause they've been replaced by robots – what the hell, right? Our people, our society, our world is funding this idiocy. Blow money flying in space for what purpose? Until these ninnies can create a way to MAKE air and water – we CANNOT SURVIVE THERE. Got it? Do the work necessary first. Then travel when you've done that. (What a bunch of dumbasses!)

  8. There wouldn't be billionaires with rockets without NASA's foundational work. Typical profiteering by private sources of the results of decades of investment of public money. Not my argument but Noam Chomsky's. Same deal as computers, automation, air travel, etc.

  9. In the simplest way possible very few people on this earth think of humanity as a species. Elon Musk being one of those people. He intends to use his power and push humanity into the actual “space age”

  10. My theory:
    These billionaires are looking for new sources of fuels in space; particularly on Mars and/or the moon. Imagine how much more rich they would be if they own and control new sources of fuels that can be brought back to earth to sell all over the world.

  11. government enterprises are big fat inefficient wastes of money. private enterprise will always get the job done and done better. it's why socialism sucks and free market capitalism doesn't.

  12. Your illuminati overlords who are telling u what to say mr.kaku are failing.

    Try what u may ur little rockets will fail because mother earth n her children are rising.

    You want to escape the earth while billions here die in a nuclear winter so that u can come to earth like fallen angels and resurrect the much awaited new world order u people have got in ur mind.

    Undoubtedly people like u are droids n have sold ur souls to the devil.

    The time is squeezing the devil n his "beautiful" garden of eden is falling apart.

    Watch ur breath.
    The Son will Rise 💐
    Love 💐

  13. Michio, anyone living on the surface of Mars would die of cancer in short order, due to radiation. Mars has no ionosphere. The idea of colonizing Mars is boobishly fatuous. Michio, you're smarter than that, aren't you? Aren't you? Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, that Virgin Air guy… they're all fools, completely out of touch with reality. They could be using their money to slow down climate change, but they would rather be Space Cadets. It's so juvenile, it's embarrassing. And you, Michio Kaku, are their cheerleader.

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