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  1. But…. who is "they?"
    The president? You said once the Government, but it's not like they need to brain watch you in to buying Obama's exclusive burger…

  2. tried dmt it does not make you hear that everyone i know has never said it

    Flat earth
    So although it’s curved, from the ground it looks flat.

    At the height of about 1.7 m (roughly eye level for a typical human), on a clear day, you can see……. 4.7 km, that’s it. So your disk is 9.4 km across. The whole Earth on the other hand is 12,756 km across. So the total distance you can see in one direction is only 0.037% of the Earth’s diameter. I will tell you about something anyone can do to prove the earth is curved, with absolutely no equipment at all. All you need is a beach, with water that faces west. You need to go there 5 or 10 minutes before sunset, and sit on the sand close to the water. Watch the sunset, and relax. If you watch very carefully, as the sun goes down, there will be a segment that is ever-decreasing in size. At the moment the last sliver completely disappears, very quickly STAND UP! You will see the sliver of the sun again, for a moment, and then it will set……again!! This is due to the curvature of the earth, and the fact that your horizon distance increased when you stood up.

    Also no because so like everything else is round ( we can see them from telescopes in our back yard) yet we are what flat? and in a dome?

  3. Ok so before this, when i saw bts jungkook fainted, was seems like very2 tired, (maybe other members too) and then everyone said that they were being treated like slaves, im like no way bitch they were just tired and sick because what me and most of armys know are just bts are managed by big hit ent. and not by other companies or whatever they called…but shane made me believe that bts are treated like slaves!! Oh no should all armys do?? Ughhh 😭😭

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