MOLDOVA TRAVEL TIPS | Is Moldova Worth Visiting?

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  1. Man!.. for a poor country …there ia a lot of Mercedes Benz and BMW'S…🤔…am I missing something..🤔…I guess the cost of living there is probably excellent to acquire vast wealth…which is ironic being the poorest country in Europe..

  2. Hey Gabe! If you come back to Greece, you may want to travel north. I don’t think you have videos from (North) Macedonia, and the ones from Bulgaria were from the northern part of the country. Ohrid is the most beautiful place in Europe. The Rila monastery and Plovdiv are also worth visiting. And now is also the best time to visit the ancient Nesebar and take a swim in the Black Sea. Just offering some suggestions. I love your videos; I feel like I’m traveling too 🙂

  3. Just came across your site, awesome content well done! Similar to other traditional travel vlogs but you have your own style, good job, I'm a new sub for sure!

  4. Gosh, you could stay longer having gone so far to get there for there's an exploration into old world European places that haven't quite modernized, but cheap and more real world in quality. Their capital city seems like a small town except for the urban graffiti scrawl. I guess walking around at night in areas of cities where you see that could be dangerous if there are street gangs, punks, thugs, and desperate crack and meth addicts as well as armed bandits operating in the area. I guess driving a car around would make as much practical sense same as require in America where public transit is not fully developed and limited only to our funky scary big cities. I did see an electric bus on that road ahead of you attached to overhead power lines just like in San Francisco. I'm only too afraid to go to somewhere like Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and perhaps Brazil, but maybe the entire world is becoming increasingly dangerous for everyone so you have to now be more cautious than when we were in our 20's.

  5. The languages (Rumanian vs Moldovan) are dialects of each other. Whether you want to consider them separate or not is a political choice. Slovak and Czech are dialects of the same language but they are considered separate for political reasons. Same story with Croatian and Serbian. Another example is Schweizerdeutsch or Swiss German.

    Rumanian nationalists want to vanquish Moldovan statehood, hence the Transdniester Republic's war of separation. Also this is the political reason for calling the language MOLDOVAN, to establish a Moldovan sense of identity and sovereignty, and to resist Rumanian unionist aggression.

  6. Moldova and moldavian will starve without help of romanians give them gas electricity free education and passports to be able to work in EU but they are rubbish people call their language moldavian when they speak romanian and in EU say are Russian bend overs the most shit people in Europe

  7. bonichiwua ??? as a Romanian native speaker I protest to this new spelling form of damn easy to pronounce latin Buna Ziua…… two words , four letters each. BTW, where are all the Babushkas???? Full 16 minutes of Moldova's cars.

  8. Hi Gabriel, A very interesting assessment of the country it seems to have left you with a further curious view to come back and take another look at this Moldova and see what changes have happen.

  9. Why tourists, when coming in Moldova views only bad places like same situations in other country ,in my country is a lot of beautiful places,especially the center of Chisinau or parks, if you understand I explain to you the same problem :its like if I travel to the America and I go only in bad ,murder places of America ,like old buildings or near the trash ,its tragic what's happening here ,its impossible to hide the reality men!!

  10. Thanks for being gentle with my homeland, I like your awareness of the fact you didn't documented prior to coming, walking randomly down the road looking for perks is not the thing with Moldova. Shame you leaving now, next week will be independence day, would make a great vlog.

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