Moment gamer teen is arrested after threatening to shoot up his school online

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21 thoughts on “Moment gamer teen is arrested after threatening to shoot up his school online”

  1. Looks like the law enforcements
    are learning from past mistakes and taking steps farther to prevent future mass shootings. Kid is a dumbass for making threats like that and deserve to face the consequences.

  2. I understand the mother's point of view but I guarantee you if they would have asked every parent that their kids were arrested for a mass shooting they would have said the same thing my son wouldn't do that he's not that type of kid but look at what we have we have kids taking parents that don't know how to keep their guns locked up and end up taking their guns to school and shooting people how many schools has this happened to I am glad they are taking this serious if it was my child and he made that statement will he must deal with the that's life on life's termsI am glad the police did this but I hope they treat every juvenile the way they treated this kid because usually things change when colors or race change.

  3. The police have a job to keep the public safe, the teen knew the risks of what he was doing, it wasnt a simple "Im gonna shoot my school lolol" He gave his name, what model firearm he would use and his target death toll. If my son EVER done that and I owned a firearm I would tell them to charge him as an adult. Adult actions need adult consequences.

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