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  1. I think he would build a better hyper car himself rather team up with Royalty , both successful guys but after seeing the car it’s just to kit car feeling

  2. Hey there Edmund… i saw a Yellow Lambo with AGX plates on Angeles Crest last evening..
    Related to your Business?
    ps. waiting for your 0-60 number on gt3 after all the mods…👊✌️

  3. Does the purchase price include the land? Are you buying lots off a developer? Did you buy the land and develop it yourself? Would like to hear more about your capital requirements and corporate structures to achieve projected yields for ROI's. I would have entered a profit sharing agreement on much better terms than 50/50. You're a generous guy!

  4. Yo I may have to ask you to hit me up when I build a house homie. I thank you a lot for the advice you give me because when I look at you I see a very impacting role model. Good luck on the projects you have coming in the near future.

  5. It would be cool to create a video game like grand theft auto or need for speed featuring edmonds cars, royalty exotics, dde, stradmans, viehicle virgin's and other youtubers cars make like high speed missions to unlock other cars. I think that would be pretty dope.

  6. Dude, you're such a boss…I don't want to sound cheesy, but you're truly an inspiration…I'm in finance and things are a bit rough for me right now, so I'm just looking for ways to get out of this situation for the better…this certainly gives me some strength to keep going, thanks!

  7. I don’t understand why the entry doors are opening out and the hinges are exposed outside someone could easily pop them off break in that way. I’ve never had a house or residence with the doors like that even apartments The doors open to the inside. I’ll be interested in doing some commercial real estate small strip centers with anchor stores small bank branch or Starbucks perfect tenants to support these homes your building there’s going to be a need for Chinese takeout places 7-Elevens Supercuts etc. collecting triple net rent.
    Also are these homes your building going to be hoa set ups??

  8. I love these episodes man! Always look forward to your money on track videos – I love the attitude that you have towards success and growth. I always say the one thing I lack is guidance and I've already got a lot of insight by watching your videos!

  9. You are a huge inspiration man, just found this channel few days ago and i love it. Im at the start of my journey, 21 years old and im opening my first business soon. I hope you continue to progress and enjoy it! Greetings from Finland

  10. thanks for showing business side of you too. Only more motivation to get in gear and grind harder, you doing big things much respect to that

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