Monster' Hurricane Dorian on track to rock Florida as Category 4 storm

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50 thoughts on “Monster' Hurricane Dorian on track to rock Florida as Category 4 storm”

  1. People need to realize nothing you can buy is going to protect you during a storm. Shutters is the best investment. A good water filter is better than cases of water. Im gassed up got a few gallons as backup in case I have to drive to work and gas stations are closed so good for a week of back and forth to work. After that oh well

  2. It needs to be advertised everywhere that THIS IS A MAN-MADE HURRICANE! THEY ARE LYING AGAIN!!!! There is no El nino and the waters are not warm they are cool. How do you suppose it got bigger and intensified with no help from Mother Nature???? It's called weather warfare and the NWO DS is ramping it up to destroy and disable all of us. This is real… WAKE UP!

  3. After last hurricane that hit Florida, I made sure that had supplies for the next blow.
    Think I'll drive over and spend day at Daytona tomorrow
    Going to be nice, sunny and clear! The calm before the storm. BUT won't be going in the water. Shark bit another surfer again in knee deep water!

  4. Fill bathtubs full of water (or set many 5 gallon pails with covers in the tub or shower) & any closed containers you can find (like juice jugs, milk jugs, pots etc. etc.)
    How I survived Hurricane Irene when I suffered 7.5 days without power (good thing neighbor shared his generator till we get our own since its our 1st month in the house).
    Now, we even have manual well pump in case our generator don’t work… and I still fill the tub full of pails & container of water just in case. Don’t slack… Prep!!!!

  5. God Bless the Florida Peeps. Prayers for their safety, and travels. They will turn all lines of I-75 to Northbound lanes. This is a tragedy in the making just like Katrina. They can not avoid it. I am in Georgia and as you know tomorrow is my B-day, I send my wishes for God to re-direct this storm/hurricane. Thank you Mary.

  6. I'm in South Georgia right on the corner of Florida and Georgia, in Brunswick. They've already declared a state of emergency for us. Some models show us getting a direct hit from Dorian. Please remember us also in your prayers! My mother is 87 and both of us are disabled. We won't be able to evacuate. I'm praying for everyone! TU!

  7. SW FL here. I am stocked up now Food, water, gas, toilet paper, batteries for my indoor lantern, flashlight and battery operated weather radio, paper plates and towels, bleach, first aid kit, cash. I left during hurricane Irma in 2017 but don’t feel I could drive a long way like that now. I am making ice in my used soda bottles right now and cleaning my cooler. Praying for everyone! Been here 20 years I have seen a lot of storms. I don’t think there will be trouble in my town after the hurricane unless outsiders come to it. thanks Mary!!!💕

  8. Tampa native, east coast will see damage. If you live within 20 miles of the east coast, evacuate by Sunday. Interstates will be at a snail's pace by then, especially 95, 4, and 75. Orlando should be a ghost town by Monday except for the locals. News reporters stay home, we don't care to see you risk your life holding on to a Palm tree and stay out of residential flooded streets. Looters beware, FL has over a million license gun owners and we have a lot of unlicensed as well. Gulf coast states stay alert for a rebound in strength, esp Mississippi delta. We can survive a little flooding, your still dealing with it. Gulf waters are very warm

  9. I wish it were that easy to be stocked up always…. with poor income and having to live month to month with so much food stamps that many people have its not easy to do. Especially for older people. They get less than 50$ a month to spend usually.

  10. God how I miss simple, straight forward news like yours Mary Greeley. Your baby Grandson will be running Mary Greeley News when he grows up. 'Just the facts m'am' news will grow by leaps & bounds. May God protect the people of Florida.

  11. Mike Morales channel shows this thing is NO monster …rather the smallest 'hurricane' he's ever seen . If this DOES hit FL after gaining a lot of strength or if it just seems like it again like Micheal and the wind measurements and radar doesn't really show a hurricane but rather a large storm with strong rotation . One in which the can than shoot DEW into and make seem like one . I know for most that reads crazy but its what they are doing now . The evidence is out there . I show what I believe to be proof and so has others …. As always Mary , Love Light Respect Blessings and many Thanks

  12. I just don't understand the mentality of people who live in extreme natural disaster areas. Hurricane, tornado, flood, snow no matter the threat why are you not already stocked with supplies?

  13. Mary, this question is unrelated to the hurricane. Would volcanic gasses cause animals to act as if they are drunk? I have been seeing news stories about animals at Yellowstone wobbling, and acting as if they are drunk. There was one this morning with a video of a deer busting a move, as They put it! It didn't look right! And they said Scientists are baffled. Are they really THAT stupid?

  14. Don't they know the power's going to go .Don't think they need that much stuff. I'm from North Carolina and I know what hurricanes all about I sent through category 5 . Went with out power for about 2 weeks. What are these kind of people going to do. When there is not a store anywere anymore to run to. Wait still things really start to happen to the world. People are freaking out now I hate to see them when stuff really gets bad those kind of people won't make it sorry to say.

  15. Why everyone buying water? The Water is still on there? ( used on a daily basis right?)
    Fill up clean containers / save all jugs ect. beforehand… it now before the storm gets there. Buy a blue drum at Lowe’s fill it up
    I hope the Storm dissolves
    Blessings 💫

  16. My biggest compliment came years ago when my sister-in-law informed my wife that she was going out to grab hurricane supplies before the hurricane arrived and did my wife need to go shopping also? My wife’s reply was that she had a husband who had already taken care of everything needed, months ago.

  17. I have two sisters and their family’s and some grandchildren in south Florida. Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.
    We grew up there and have been through many hurricanes but this one is very different. This one is going to gain more strength over very warm water slowly and sit over Florida moving very slow. Scary. Pray for Florida!

  18. Something people always forget to stock up on is milk. This is primarily for people with kids. Milk and ice is always the hardest thing to find after the hurricane hits. You can find milk that isn't refrigerated, it's sold off the shelf in Europe in Canada. Perhaps you can order it online through Amazon. It doesn't need to be refrigerated until you open the container.

  19. Go watch Mike Morales YouTube will learn about this Weird Storm..really a small storm, top winds only 93 mph @4000 feet.. We Floridians are pros when it comes to these man-made storms… Been in Florida since 1954.. been thru a lot of these..just another hurricane party..

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