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  1. The lodough sounds like a great idea! I can't wait for your Disney vlogs too, I'm jealous that you're going. I only came back from Florida at the end of June and I miss it so much πŸ™

  2. Leigh your face was better swished, well done on your upgrades, enjoy the comfort, we go in luxury to America by transatlantic cruise, but flying home, cheep seats, in November

  3. Wow upper class will be amazing looking forward to hearing your review. What was the DVC tour like did you get much information and what benefits were there for doing the tour?

  4. I love you two so much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Your videos always cheer me up ❀
    Cant wait till you go to Florida. We're going to Orlando for second time in March…So excited!

  5. Controversial but when making pizza should cheese or pepperoni go on first. Definitely pepperoni then cheese on top . Brill vlog as always 😁

  6. It’s gonna be awesome going upper class and hopefully it will help with jet lag??? You may never want to go cattle class again?!
    So cultured Leigh, classical music and chess.
    It’s case-a-Dee-ya (quesadilla)
    And hope you appreciate I watched a 2 min dance video instead of skipping video!!!

  7. Great video, love all the Florida details. Great items from lodough. We are like Nick, we like our pizza little more well-done. Congrats on getting "first-class/upper-class" on your return trip home.

  8. No reason to take loads of luggage with you on the way out,you've got the extra coming home which is fantastic! Just buy extra cases from Walmart or the outlets!! You will have soooooo much fun shopping!! Cant wait to watch your vlogs!xx

  9. sooooo jealous about upgrading to first class. the nearest we have got in october with virgin is an exit seat at the front of the rows so my son can stretch is legs!!!! still looking forward to the holiday though. staying at french quarter, port orleans for the 4th time. fantastic place, small, one bus stop and new orleans theme.

  10. Well I will be joining you guys in Disney and I am super excited about meeting ya's and having a drink in Epcot at England Country. See you guys then!!!

  11. The pizza looked good. Poor Leigh when Nick tells him to be quiet lol. Your face looks so much cuter when squashed Leigh, sorry . I saw the Lodough brownies, they did look amazing . Could you possibly do more food reviews, will you be doing any food shopping hauls ? . – Where are my little pda's, I have not seen any in a while ? 😘

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