Morocco Travel Guide: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and Essaouira

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43 thoughts on “Morocco Travel Guide: Marrakech, Atlas Mountains and Essaouira”

  1. I visited Morocco and i liked the country, Not all women were wearing the Hijab like they show us here in the media in Poland because i was thinking that Morocco is like Qatar and Afghanistan.

    people were nice to be honest.
    the only problem i saw is there was lots of trash next the beach. that was sad to see beautiful beaches in Morocco, but people should take care of the beach.

  2. tagine-you need to pronounce the "g", it's pronounced ta-jean. Also, it would be good to ask native speakers how to pronounce Arabic words like Jemaa-el-Fnaa to get them right.

  3. I am moroccan and 2 be honest i am kinda scared 2 go 2 the atlas mountains because of what happend 2 those tourists… i swear i am still in shock … thope people living in the mountains r still backward and in my mjnd i think it s hard 2 integrate with em

  4. hello everybody i m moroccan and i say there are nice places to see, mountains of toubkal are wonderful, toudra gorges in ouazazat are wonderful too, waterfalls of ouzoud , legzira beach and more . just try you will never regret…. you will find nice people here

  5. I think they forgot Agadir City, for sure ! Cause High Atlas mountains extension to the sea is in Agadir, if there's a berber capital, it's Agadir. mist beautiful beaches, surf villages are in it, différent style from other moroccan impérial cities, worth the tout with both sea and high atlas mountains and cascades in it !

  6. I´m going to Morroco this year , even tho October it´s still far way , i want to see it for myself this beautifull country with alot of history and cultures . Cannot wait for it 🙂 and thx God that not all europeans think and spread hate agains´t Morroco like some person here in in the comments . There is crime everywhere , stupid midia only shows the negative part of Morroco when there is so much beauty and positive things to explore. I believe it will be a life changing experience for me .

  7. Sadly the safety debate is held very much in black/white dichotomous thinking style. Fact is, that morocco still is statistically pretty safe. BUT: the problem with statistics is, they only tell us insights about the past. So the question always is: is the statistic still valid or have some things changed ? This is hard to tell in this case. For example regarding women travelling solo in certain remote regions (such as Atlas mountains) we have no reliable data since there are very few women travelling solo (probably for good reasons ?!) in those areas. Also we can see a rise of religious and cultural radicalisation in all arabic countries, also morrocco. For example in the cast of the murdered nordic tourists many people (around 18 I think) have been arrested. That is a high number for one single crime that indicates that quite a number of unknown terrorists/criminals are below the surface. This has been confirmed to me by a moroccan friend who studies politics and is quite aware of the situation. On the other hand Morocco is not Syria and I guess it is still rather safe overall. But again, we do not know so many variables so I personally would rather say: better safe than sorry 😉

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