MOST HAUNTED Hotel Room in the World… Queen Mary Haunted Ship (B340)

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45 thoughts on “MOST HAUNTED Hotel Room in the World… Queen Mary Haunted Ship (B340)”

  1. The knocking that you said wasn’t picked up by camera is audible if you were headphones! Try it with the volume up and headphones I heard it before the part where you mentioned it!

  2. did anyone notice at like 12:08 or 9 when Loey said eh yikessss, or something like that, behind London, there was a little flicker, it was on the left side of the screen, above her shoulder

  3. If you guys watched Sam and Colby's video about the B340, you'll know that the spirits there does not like to do stuff when the camera is on… so they had an entire conversation with the spirits there, asking them to knock to answer "yes" or "no" or something else, but that was with the cameras off and in the dark, so they only have an audio recording of it. And they were convinced that one of the spirits communicating with them at that time was a demon or a devil because it told them that there was no heaven and demons/devils were known to do that. So they left straight away after that…

  4. Loey you're such a queen, I love how you are so confident with yourself and your body. I am only 10 years old (11 in 1 week and 5 days), and you pose as a massive inspiration to me. Keep doing what you do girl <3.

  5. Ghost like to attack men than women. Men like to provoke ghosts and demons is one of the reasons. Men kill men and women and no wonder their ghosts go after the men is another reason.

  6. Anyone watch Sam and Colbys video? The knocks coming from where they said they heard a knock? 8:54 If you didn't watch their video the boys talked to a spirit (through knocks) when they stayed in this room and the knocks came from that area where Loey said she heard a knock.

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