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22 thoughts on “MOST HAUNTED PLACE PART 2 (WARNING!!)”

  1. um just before your battery drained did you speak or say something cause i here someone say nat or not sounds like nat before you swing around and freak out about your batterys

  2. some old pianos could play music automatically from a marked wind up disk like a music box but still has to be wound and im assuming a switch activated don't play by themselves

  3. Frank I want to do an investigation with you man…Love your Channel, I’m a huge fan. Keep it up! Dude you get some of the best footage. If not, it’s cool. I think you should carry a legal knife and pepper spray in your pocket…stray animals or whatever, you never know. Keep it up I believe you’ll get on a bigger platform.

  4. Frank another excellent video. What is most unfortunate is that you were TALKING right thru the voices above you. We can hear what you hear so when you tell us there are Literally, voices right above me…..yeah we know but we don’t know what they were saying because you were talking right over it.
    Fear can do that to a person so I’m not criticizing you. Sure wish we could have heard what was said. That was SUPER creepy man. You’ve got big balls for doing what you do all by yourself.
    Bravo my friend!!
    Ha ha

  5. I know it's been a few months now since you posted this and I'm only watching them now, but damn that is some scary shit. You got guts going into places like these, especially this hotel. I've noticed that the first time you went there your footage had been delayed in areas as if whatever paranormal activities were occurring in there was also messing with your camera. This also happens in this footage. I found that quite interesting.
    Also, as soon as I started watching this, I was already on the edge of my seat and already getting jump scares at scenes that weren't even close to being scary. xD
    I'm proud of you for braving this hotel and just wandering around. I wouldn't have been manly enough to do it myself. You deserve a pat on the back!

  6. Oh, Wow, Frank! I just have to say that you are just too much! You are braver than brave! I am blown away by this video! This has got to be one of the scariest I have seen in a long, long time! I do think you should have a partner, though, BUT, just Wow!😨😨😨♥️

  7. Frank,,, I would really love to go to the hotel with you,,,, I am by myself too but I don't post anything on any channel at the present time,,,,, I would consider it an honor if you would let me acompany you back to that hotel,,,,,, and like I said it's just me also,,,,, thanks brother,,,, love what you do…… .

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