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34 thoughts on “Movin On Up | Life For Sale”

  1. I just wish Ben stopped sucking down those cancer sticks and McNuggets and adopted a healthier lifestyle so he can be around a little longer to enjoy his money and family. Ben I hope you see this message. I can extend your life by making a few lifestyle changes. Isn’t that worth more than any amount of money? You can’t spend your money anymore when your 6 feet under. You know what I’m saying big man? Call me.

  2. Nobody wants to hear you eating Ben. Close your f****n mouth when you're chewing…. didn't your mother teach you any f***** manners? Smh… Wtf

  3. Ben is the man, period. I want all his electric contracts, I'm the best, hardest working and will sharpen my pencil for him always, I dont want the one time score, I will work work work.
    Ben when you want the best electrical contractor in the country, reach out to me. I'm 24-7.

  4. What an awesome show! With great production value. You would think this is a series on a major network. Crazy that these videos get 250k views. Easily the best series on YouTube.

  5. Another cheaply built rundown leftover 1980's wasteland property in Whorelando. Bank Vultures preying on all these guys. Set that POS on fire and walk away…

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