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  1. Pete- don’t criticize how Steve dresses….with your gaudy gold chain and terrible shirts….you certainly haven’t figured out fashion yourself. If you want Steve to stop shopping at Old Navy…pay him more! 🤣

  2. Wish you'd actually talked about homes, price ranges, home types currently on the market etc. I briefly heard the median price, but doesnt give much idea what's out there now, ranges of options. I'd like to hear those covered as a standard topic for each vlog

  3. They never mentioned the trails of Hunters Creek. We also have night life with clubs, cigar shops, pool halls. Great looks Paris to get pampered. The traffic in the area has gotten really bad though.

  4. Is it me or does anyone else feel uncomfortable when Pete scolds the guys when they’re being playful? I’m always thinking omg, he is on the chopping block now for ticking off Pete. I work in a place where I am scared all the time of losing my job so when I see the side eye watch it from Pete I cringe. I love the dis crew and the play off each other is what makes the dis so special.

  5. Can u please do safe clean nice communities in the 100 to 175 range, were retired and don’t wanna sink all our money into huge homes, just wanna be safe and near everything. Maybe some 55 and older places, I’d even go modular if they’re nice. I think there is one off 192 near 4 corners area.

  6. We live in the Horizon West area off 429 in Winter Garden and love it. Also love Windermere. But when we buy a house it will be a new home. We rented an apt first to make sure we like the neighborhood.

  7. Ok, so as I have left the HELL of Facebook, please provide different social media.
    The world does not, nor do I accept the DemiDemon of the friggin Facebook.
    PETER, FaceFuck IS NOT the End All Be All Social Media Outlet.
    WAKE THE F UP little brother.
    Yeah, I’m 55, boi, listen to a MAN whose been listening to IT, Disney IT, Orlando issues, and I was an owner at the ole Orange Lake Country Club from 1996 to2006.

  8. I want to see cheap neighborhoods but still not sketchy. Like family mobile home parks so many 55+ but why is there not hardy any family parks listed on Zillow.

  9. So here's what I got out of this episode ….. it's an area with mature neighborhoods, it's reasonably close to WDW and Sea World, very close to Gatorland, has some highly rated schools and has lots of shopping available.

    I didn't get a graphic or map showing the actual proximity to WDW, Universal and the Airport and other points of interest …. I'd also like to see a graphic showing real estate value trends over the last few years ….. given there is a real estate professional on the panel, providing these details on this area (or any area being reviewed) would seem like it would be pretty easy to show.

  10. Hunters Creek is kind of like Lauderdale was when I was a little kid. Same sort of houses… that actually have yards!

    And The Loop! … always hit to eat before heading back to West Palm. So much construction going on just west though. It’s like “oooh! A blade of grass! Build on it!

  11. A long time ago I tried Gator at Narcoose's. I don't know if they carry/have gator anymore. It was as expected. Not very flavorful and a bit tough.

  12. Hunters creek is a tight community!! Been here for about 8 years. It’s very convenient!!!! Love all the community parks. Tennis. Dog park. Ect. Really beautiful here. And love being on 417 and not on I-4. Yikes to I-4. The only thing, HC is not a golf cart community. Kinda miss riding around in a golf cart. But bikes are a good replacement 👍😎

  13. You must be saving the best for last Bay Hill and Dr Phillips put these neighborhoods to shame. We have the best schools, restaurants, and shopping and don’t have to get on the 4 to get to the parks.

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