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  1. I can't believe it's been eleven years since I made this documentary. The commentary, especially how I can't pronounce the word "rural" is a embarrassing. But it's amazing what Salt Lake City has become in the last eleven years towards becoming more pedestrian friendly, bike friendly and overall a better place to live.

  2. Thank you Fatima you live in BEAUTIFUL place i love it i want to move there the landscape is so beautiful the Architecture is also so beautiful it looks so peaceful there i want to come n stay with u lol i cant believe that 2 million people enter n exit the city everyday I would love to live there u r so lucky n no cars lol so peaceful invite me hun thank you for sharing i love it peace n love muwahhhhhhhhh

  3. @2010Rightman

    Alter komm mal runter von deinem hohen Ross du verwöhnter Wessi o.O
    Du hast null ahnung denkt ihr wessis wärt die besten. So die besten das eure Parteien es nichmal gebacken bekommen Ausländer richtig zu integrieren

  4. ever been to Portland, Oregon?
    There is your one city in the US that might be an exception to the rule! 😉
    30min, and you're in the unspoiled countryside…
    traffic is bad on I-5, but only during rush hour….

  5. Any U.S. city with 250,000+ population has the same amount of auto traffic problems as a 2 million + city as Munich. This isn't just holiday times which I would agree are nightmarish in Germany, this is ALL OF THE TIME in US cities.

    With the exception of the construction zone which is A3, German traffic is not a problem

  6. US standard by what city? LA? lol

    just trying to say, dont under-exaggerate the facts….you still have quite the traffic. and it's not just a little "Stau".

    and when vacation times start, it's hell!
    the A9 is the the main interstate going south, and EVERYONE goes south….
    traffic jams of 20+miles are common then….

  7. love the video….BUT, there are traffic problems! and the little road aint the main highway out of the city….it's just a ring highway. and it, too, gets congested during rush hour.
    Try driving into Munich on the A9 on a Monday morning…terrible!

    I agree with everything else though.

    Munich = coolest city in the world!

  8. I was there with my son this past summer (2009) and loved it very much. Awesome nightlife especially in and around Marienplatz. If your thinking of visiting Europe come here and Austria is so close by you'll be there in no time by train.

  9. I was in Munich last year, and I loved being there. There are lots of beautiful places everywhere, but my most favorite place to visit are the palaces, like Residenz, Nymphenburg etc. It's true that Munich (and I think in the rest of Germany) has a very good public transport system. It's convenient that you don't have to own a car. All in all, I love Munich, just except of the nude sunbathers *_*

  10. AAAH I MISS MY MUNICH – the best city in the world!! I'm in the US a whole year already. Will return to my home in 15 days!! There are so many places I'm going to go too.,,,
    NV Club
    Riem Arcaden
    Feringer See
    Leopoldstrasse etc
    all those wonderful places that weren't mentioned in this video.. 🙁

  11. "scheiss video fast alle war falsch…und dein deutsche ist auch scheisse! "

    Don't attack others trying to speak German…and even more so when your German isn't better either 😉
    There are many mistakes in your comments and i doubt they're just misspellings.
    sorry.. but i don't think you're German.

  12. Great video, but not everything you said was really true^^
    Just for example the intention of the engineers was definitely not to provide a standing wave for surfers^^
    It's officially forbidden to go swimming or surfing, but of course no one cares about it^^

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