Must Have Travel Water Shoes from Amazon Aleader

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  1. for clarification, the Amazon code is only valid until the end of this month for the two water shoes only but LIVE15 is valid for all products on Aleaders website with no expiration. Hope you enjoy the shoes as much as we did 🙂

  2. I used to be interested at first as well but later realize the same cons as you said so I dropped the idea. My suggestion for outdoor use, get the sneaker or hiking mid ankle with goretex upper is the best . If you gonna wade shallow water, Goretex fabric can help but if you can't avoid the deep water, just wade with barefoot then put the shoes back later. for urban use of the goretex shoes, you don't worry of dirty water anyway.

  3. Nice shoe review Ethan & Mayu. From my many times traveled to Thailand, choosing the ideal shoes was always a priority. One cannot rely only on sandals and flip flops as walking all day or in malls is very bad on your feet. These Aleader shoes are very good choice as they look comfortable, well ventilated and easy to remove and put on when going to get a massage. Also, as you know that in Thailand you often remove your shoes before entering places, so these sockless shoes are ideal. Lastely, they are not bad looking at all. I would love to win a pair of these in size 11 in black. If not, I will definitely consider purchasing them on Amazon. Cheers!!

  4. I like your suggestion that these could be a flip flop substitute. I currently live in Bangkok. I have a particular style of sandal I like to wear during the rainy season. They have a strap around my heal and they are not damaged by water. Sometimes when there is deep water you want to wear something you know is not going to come off like flip flops tend to do in deep water. However I would like to add a more shoe-like shoe to my options. They look like they would dry quickly. Everything here dries quickly in the Bangkok climate. I just put clothes on the rack out on our balcony and they are dry in a couple of hours.

    The drainage holes in the sole are obviously an advantage if you wear them swimming. Of course if you are wearing them as a shoe in Bangkok then you might prefer a shoe sole that protects you from wet pavement or shallow puddles. Yin/Yang situation.

    The only concern is longterm comfort. Past water shoes I've worn have not been comfortable walking in them all day. There would always be some weird friction on the soles that would give me a blister. I might prefer to option of trying out the insole in these shoes for comfort.

    I am male. Shoe size 10. I like the overcast grey knit per your suggestion of lighter colors. Second choice grey mix.

    I like your videos. I recently sent your YouTube channel to a friend who is considering a photo/vacation trip to somewhere. I suggested Bangkok. You travels give a nice view of the city as locals (or local expats) see the city.

    Sabai Sabai

  5. 9:53 apparel reviews? Yes, please. I have an interest in buying micro bikinis to wear in Thailand. I'd love to see you reviewing such things and wonder if you've a gym-fit Thai woman to review them 😉

  6. What a great review Ethan! I swear this video came at the perfect time! As you know lol, my wife and I will be spending our honeymoon in Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok and Chiang Mai) from 26 November to 8 December! We were actually looking at which water shoes to buy, especially for Phuket. We will definitely try these, probably through amazon since we're prime members! Love your content as always and hope to run into you while we're in Bangkok!

    Men's Size, 11.5, Gray/Black!

    #89_tacos #LiveTravelAsia

  7. Like the honest review from you two. Do they get smelly since wearing without socks?
    I'm thinking of getting a pair of Allbirds, made out of merino wool. They are very popular but very expensive, $100 USD.

  8. Well like # 100(yeah I know what's point in saying that, it's a 1st for me). Back to the point, I'll order the shoes. Just moved to Kathu Thailand Oct 30th. Yes brought shoes not needed. And donated shoes do to packing issues firm soles. These will lighten the load on packing, a needed change from flip flops and the weight of concise. Thanks much for the advice. Thumbs up 👍👍👍

  9. I just check in Amazon link but my size is not available 😭. Now I will check Aleader hoping they ship to BKK.
    Great info I had a old Nike pair and need to be change . I will give a try for sure.
    Thanks for this info 👍

  10. Those shoes look pretty cool. I like the grey ones (for men). Just in case I win, I'm a size 10.5 in Canada lol.
    I'll be doing a month long trip in February to Taiwan, Cambodia and Thailand so that would be an awesome time to give these a test run, and maybe I will randomly run into you guys in Bangkok. What would the chances of that be? All the best. Love your channels.

  11. Nice review. Agree, great water shoes, but everyday, and probably not what exactly designed for, then some more protection underneath for trekking in the woods. I've also gone through too many pairs of shoes. May have to buy, if not winning a free pair … LOL (Size 12 USA / grey/grey)

    Pair of water shoes I have now, seem to hold the sand when at the beach. A bit annoying.

    For others, IF you shop at Amazon, then use LIVE TRAVEL ASIA link to, as they will get a kickback of anything bought once entered Amazon site, if entering Amazon through their link.

  12. I actually bought these this year and wore them for Songkran festival in BKK. Was the best decision i made for my trip. Since flip flops slip and get very uncomfortable when completely drenched these were perfect! I'm glad you too both thought so too. I will probably buy them again too.

  13. I’m heading to Thailand on the 20 th and was looking at a compact second pair, especially for the gym. It would be good for 11.5 and black if I win . Thanks. I’ll be in chiang mai , going to language school

  14. Does shipping to Canada work? I'm size 9. Footwear that resists bacteria is so hard to find in the tropics. The great thing is that at 30$ you can toss them if they get nasty. do leather shoes work in BKK in the dry season?

  15. Haha! Great video 👍 As a side note, quality leather = breathability. The main reason why most people’s feet sweat and stink is because of the plastic varieties their shoes are made from, such as nylon, polyester, etc. No matter how well ventilated the mesh is, it’s still synthetic, which means that moisture and sweat and smell get trapped within the fibers and never fully escapes. Natural materials like leather absorb moisture and slowly help dissipate it. And because leather is technically skin, it has naturally built-in antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which synthetic shoes do not. That’s why quality leather shoes NEVER stink. Bad odors in shoes are the result of trapped bacteria and fungus. The narrative out there created by big brands like Adidas and Nike was that poly mesh in clothes or shoes = better. But that’s totally false. Ask any professional soccer player like Ronaldo or Messi how many times they complained about their official synthetic on-field jerseys. The only reason why they make these products from plastic is because it’s cheap; not because it’s superior in wicking moisture away (since it’s not and never was). Even in hot humid climates like Thailand, a shoe made of quality leather and natural fibers is much healthier for your feet than even the best ventilated synthetic shoes. Having said that, leather doesn’t do well while being submerged in water, so obviously the pair you got there is best for that purpose 😆

  16. I'm getting ready to leave NY for Bangkok and was looking for a decent shoe as you described, so I just ordered a pair via the link you provided. It's a great you can you use your platform to hawk items your subscribers could be interested in, and make a little coin at the same time. I'll let you know how I like the shoes. Thanks.

  17. We are all booked to visit Phuket and Kuala Lumpur in late March / April next year. If were to get these shoes then we would send our pics / videos of us walking around all over those cities in them 🙂 Either way we always enjoy your videos so keep those coming. Can't wait for the next random scooter drive video!

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