[MV] 헤이즈(Heize) – 내 맘을 볼 수 있나요 (호텔 델루나 OST) Hotel Del Luna OST Part 5

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35 thoughts on “[MV] 헤이즈(Heize) – 내 맘을 볼 수 있나요 (호텔 델루나 OST) Hotel Del Luna OST Part 5”

  1. I thought I was the only one thinking that this song is for man weol & chung myung lovestory but the thumbnail of the song is man weol & chan seong. This song is my favorite among the osts of hdl. The lyrics & story of chung myung's love for man weol is so tragic. 😢 I wish Man weol chose Chung Myung but we know that's not gonna happen. 💔

  2. 내 맘을 볼수 있나요

    난 그대뿐이에요

    그대뒤에 나 있을게요

    한걸음 뒤에서요

    그댄 내마음 모르죠

    눈물이 글썽여요

    그댈 보면 마음이 아프네요

    혼자하는 사랑은

    언젠가 다시 돌아가야 할 그곳을 홀로 걸어가겠죠

    그런 내가 슬퍼요

    모른척 하는 건가요

    그대 곁에 있는날

    힘껏 소리쳐 불러봐도

    마음의 소리니까

    언젠가 다시 돌아가야 할 그곳을 홀로 걸어가겠죠 그런 내가 슬퍼요

    언젠가 다시 돌아가야 할 그곳을 홀로 걸어 돌아가겠죠 이런 내가 아파요


    슬픈 마음이 들어요

    나는 왜 안되는지

    사랑이란 가깝고도 머네요

    그대의 마음이란


  4. This song is soooo depressing 😭 And I’m so sad for him. 1000 years! Those two reincarnated and the captain sacrificed for 1000 years and he didn’t get a chance even in modern days? Aaah! I need justice! I mean I’m hurt for him you know 🧟‍♀️ #justiceforthecaptain give these two another series with a happy ending! Waaaah!

  5. Seems that some just want their satisfaction satisfied complaining why did not man weol hug the 2nd lead or why is man weol emotionless, the director is unromantic, really? I would opted for that it's more a realistic approach like it's been 1300 yrs and all she had for him was hatred. Even people you're close if you haven't seen each other and lost contact when you meet the closeness of that bond isn't like when you were together before you listen to them talk about other friends in their life that someone else became the bestfriend etc

  6. Human love is so tragic. Yet why are we still falling in love and get caught in this roller coaster ride of ups and downs, twists and turns? Isn’t such a love a trap all along? Can we ever come out of this love prison and be free like a bird? Perhaps one day.. in some future reincarnations…. when we discover something better than this…

    Human love is a very tiring thing. Peace is much better. 

    Wouldn’t Manwol be much happier if there was no Ko Chong Mung in the first place? We do not know what is peace until we lose our freedom.

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