my BIGGEST pet peeves

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  1. There’s this one couples channel that been popping up on my recommendations constantly and they post everyday but it’s like everyday/every other day it’s a prank? How tf do you get pranked everyday/every other day and don’t notice???

  2. I agree on the pranks cus some pranks be going over board but I’m more of a vlog type person lol and I agree with almost all these except the Christmas music lmao

  3. Here’s two of my biggest pet peeves.
    1.) When people crack parts of their bodies like knuckles or their backs. It literally makes the most DISGUSTING sound omg 🤢
    2.) Those girls who are like “ i OnLy hAng oUt wIth bOys cAuSe gIrLs AlWayS hAs dRamA” tbh my most supportive friends are all girls. It’s not like is impossible to find girls who are loving and supportive friends . You’re basically taking a stereotype of women and pushing upon other girls I wouldn’t be surprised if not one fucked with you. At that point you need to see if the problem is really girls in general or actually you sis.

  4. agree with literally all of these, especially the one about people who hate astrology cause they’re always saying it’s just a way for people to be shitty and blame it on their sign, name one person in your life who has ever done that….

  5. YES to the Summer Walker hate. Kid Cudi can talk about his struggles and gets praised (I love Kid Cudi) but Summer Walker does it and then she's using it as a crutch, and is "using dramatic words to explain being shy". At that point people are just being obtuse on purpose.

  6. My biggest pet peeve is people who use the term Gay as an insult because I'm a lesbian and I'm just like "How is a bottle not opening gay?" and it pisses me off because my friends do it constantly

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