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46 thoughts on “MY CRUSH PICKS MY MAKEUP”

  1. She seems a little off. Kinda sounds like she’s been crying too. But you know what, I can understand with what she’s been through recently. Hope you’re doing well and that you’re okay. We all make mistakes in life, some that will scar us forever. You live and you learn. Hope you’re doing that too.

  2. haleyyyyy you are so bootiful inside and OUT! okay i’m genuinely scared for you because of all the hate you’re getting. just remember 800 thousand people love you so stay strong. love u bbg don’t let the haters get to you okay? TEE-HEE LOL

  3. hi haley! i’ve been telling all the haters to frig off in the comments for you lol, but just wanted to say stay strong. i can’t believe how careless people are these days. just know there’s THOUSANDS of people that love you. you are so beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. STAY STRONG BBG! ✨🌷🥰

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