My First Time In L.A. Vlog ✈️ What I Packed In My Carry On MissLizHeart

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32 thoughts on “My First Time In L.A. Vlog ✈️ What I Packed In My Carry On MissLizHeart”

  1. Thanks for watching!! So grateful for opportunity to visit L.A. for the first time, it was way too short! I tried to put as much info in the info box as possible but lmk If I forgot anything. Also, I am going through the giveaway entries as we speak! Please be patient with me, there’s a ton to go through! 🥰💕💕

  2. Great video Liz! I love your vlogs! Im going to LA in August for Beautycon so I’ll definitely visit Rodeo Drive. I would love to see an unboxing. I wamt to knw if you got the pink oke. I would! Lol 💕

  3. Welcome to my Town!! Girl go to Newport Coast you will love it!! Go to Sunset Blvd they have amazing restaurant oh visit the sky bar on Sunset Blvd. you have to visit the Ghetty Museum, Rodeo Drive and Melrose you will love it.

    Hahahaha ok 👌 guess you arrived with Aveeno which don’t give you the privacy of going everywhere but next time! You have to visit these places they are amazing

  4. I remember your saying that Laniege moisturizer being your holy grail and I never tried it, but my flight to Qatar I got their Co..Cocoa lip balm and omg the quality in their products!! I can’t find it anywhere else but Qatar Airways. now I just have to try their other products 😭🙌🏾

  5. Watching all of the products you brought in like dang I have like suave bath gel, jergens, 1 mascara 1 lipstick & Victoria secret body spray lol! I feel like I need to re-evaluate now 😂

  6. I seriously can’t wait to go to LA this summer. I live in Indiana so I’m ready for some beautiful Cali Sun. What did you life the most ?

    I love Aveeno , I use the washes and lotions for me and my children 🙌🏼 I love that you took us on your experience !!☺️

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