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  1. so many people on here like "I can't stand watching her videos" or "I hate her content " or "I hate when she eats in videos" LIKE YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH HER VIDEOS!! NO ONES FORCING YOU LMAO some people like her content and if its you don't like it then don't watch it lol and people will really spend their time commenting negative stuff lmao

  2. I feel bad for her. Living a life of lies and false claims becoming a sociopath and developing paranoia and depression for views otherwise you’re screwed out of a career. She wants to get married and have kids but also sells videos and pictures of her naked for money. She will die alone. Sad to say. And it’s her fault.

  3. YOU GUYS! the thumbnail is LITERALLY OF HER EATING. She warned you. All the comments about you hating her eating- WE GET IT. WE KNOW. ITS BEEN YEARS. She's always been like this. Why are you still watching if you hate her so much? 😂 And if its your first time, welcome, yes this is her normal. Bye

  4. My first boyfriend (I was 16 & I'm now 28) well he committed suicide June 26th 2019, & I have been getting signs that he is around me, my phone typed out his name once and I just trying to type I'm and his name popped up.

  5. girl sorry to break it to u but if this was coming from literally anyone else i may believe them but u literally troll us in every video, are you actually expecting us to take you seriously? i mean interesting story n all but yeahh ahah

  6. Ohhhh my god I get the whole mukbang thing but if you can’t possible film without eating, could you just try and talk a bit more before you take the next bite?? It takes you 5 minutes to finish one sentence 😩 I either want a story or a mukbang, not both!

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