My NEW Old House – Investment Property Renovation – Ep. 1

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47 thoughts on “My NEW Old House – Investment Property Renovation – Ep. 1”

  1. Congrats on the last build and good luck on your new project house… although I'm sure it is either finished or close to it.
    Before you post any new videos, I gotta ask if there was any roofing failure? The bricks are in a couple of different shades and I was wondering if it was some type of leaking or just different pallets of brick – some lighter, some darker. Have fun!!

  2. Like the seclusion. Looks like a nice property to start a little homestead on, with chickens, bees, veggie garden. Plenty of room in the basement for canned or fresh crop storage, and starting seeds. How much acreage?

  3. At least this one looks like a house from the beginning. The last one didn't really look much like a home from the outside. I'm planning to watch this full series… though mostly looking forward to the wood floor refinishing.

  4. Please, please, please do an open floor plan this time. It about killed me when I saw you building that wall to separate the kitchen from the front room in the last house. I can't wait to watch this one! I just love your videos!

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