My San Francisco Vacation LIVESTREAM

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12 thoughts on “My San Francisco Vacation LIVESTREAM”

  1. Kinda glad I didn't watch this last night, キモい!I wouldn't have been able to sleep! Hope you are feeling better. Hop on Bart and come out to the east bay for a day!

  2. Sorry I missed your late-night livestream, but I'm glad you are feeling a little improvement. I hope today is even better, and the trend is continuing. If you feel up to going out and doing more things, I think the Exploratorium is really great. I have good memories of visiting there! There is so much to see in Golden Gate Park, and it is beautiful. I really love it. There are mini-parks within the park. There is even a herd of buffalo! The California Academy of Sciences is really amazing, and they have penguins (which I love dearly!!!!!). The Conservatory of Flowers is also wonderful; really a gorgeous historic building, and wonderful to see such exotic plants from all over the world. Whatever you do, I hope will feel well enough to get out and enjoy some of beautiful San Francisco in the next few days. Take care and keep feeling better, Shinichi. Keep drinking water, and hopefully eat some more foods as you're able to do so! Thinking of you.

  3. I missed your stream, i was out trick or treating with my kids n came home exhausted. You deff look better than before. U should make sure ur intaking enough fiber and liquids. Hope u continue to recover fast. I think i would be awesome if you found the Charmed house from the show (my crazy obsession lol) this stream was great though, i love how open you are. Id also love to see you stream in golden gate 😁 wooow your ghost story was crazy. Im sensitive as well and consider myself an empath. Its helped me in certain situations but it doea get scary at times. At the time did you ask your father if he knew about the lady?

  4. Hi Shinichi. I live in Bay Area. I want to take you to eat halo halo and good Filipino food. Also I know really good Korean spicy chicken. If you have time let me know before you leave

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