My Top 5 Travel EDC Pens

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  1. Is there a second hand market for TWSBI pens? Don't get me wrong, I love them. Got an Aurora Optima yesterday and it doesn't write at all. Never had any problems with my 10 TWSBI pens.

  2. My travel EDC for the past couple weeks has been a Sailor Pro Color 500 because it would cost significantly less to replace than my Sailor 1911 but has a surprisingly similar writing experience. I dropped the Pro Color not long ago and jacked up the nib. It wasn’t worth sending to a nib meister so I used some needle-nose pliers on it. Now it’s back to being one of my favorites.

  3. I find now that my pocket-size Opus 88 Fantasia is my favorite travel pen because of the 2ml eye-droppered ink capacity with shut-off valve that takes care of flying air pressure change worries. And I want a snap-cap to have in the pen pocket of my travel vest (Scott-e-Vest has 2 pen pockets that can hold 4 pens) to make quick notes on the fly. I took my Lamy A-Star for that. I am now happily thinking about what pens (limit of 4) to take for sketching/writing on my next big trip.

  4. It’s okay to be non-sentimental about certain pens! If you were scared to damage or lose every pen you have, it would cut into your joy of fountain pens. I’m pretty sure that several of my Jinhao 992s are only important to me because I love the ink inside of them. And it’s not like you can hurt your TWSBI’s feelings.
    Thanks for sharing your travel pens with us!

  5. I think the last time I traveled by plane I took a TWSBI Vac700r, a Pilot VP, and a Platinum 3776. in a Nock case, with a Pilot Prera in my pocket. The time before that I think was similar with a TWSBI Eco, the same 3776, and I don't remember the 3rd.

  6. All mine are metal, cartridge converter pens for edc. and all Jinhao. Purple Jinhao 159 Bock 1.1, 1200 Dragon pen original nib, X750 Checkerboard Bock 1.5, X750 black Bock f nib, bouncy bouncy, Jinhao156 in green resin custom ground Jinhao 1.1 nib.
    Honourable mention a beautiful purple/blue Penbbs 352 with a wonderful Chinese fine nib.
    It's a resin pen and I love it so much I am afraid to lose it.
    That's why it stays at home on my desk.
    I am on the track of more Moonmen (I have a M600s on the way) and Penbbs pens.
    I caught the bug from Chrisrap45 on YouTube, so blame him.
    He is my pusha man!

  7. I remember commenting on your favourite EDC pens video recently and thinking a ‘travel’ one would be interesting to know, too. And so it comes.

    My main travel EDCs are the Lamy 2000, Sailor Pro Gear, Karas Kustom Fountain, Sheaffer Taranis, and Opus 88 Koloro. Honourable mention goes to the Rotring 600.

  8. "I don't worry about it breaking . . . . Hey, Brian! RUN OVER THIS PEN!" And then when you showed the TWSBI–Hahahaha because I know your hate-hate-meh relationship with them. My EDC is the Pilot Metro and if I'm going somewhere for an extended period of time, I use cartridges. And gotta love those Varsities!

  9. I love my TWSBIs but they don’t travel very well by plane. I have had plenty of leaks with them. But if I’m traveling by car, TWSBI is one of my mainstays. They always write well for me. I love my Opus 88s. Have you tried them? Demonstrator, Picnic and Omar (clear). The Lamy 2000 is an Always carry. Also finding the Platinum Procyon is a dependable writer as well.

  10. My Travel EDC's would include a couple of TWSBI's — don't judge me! 🙂 I like the TWSBI Diamond Mini and one of my ECO's (qiute often the one I dedicate to Noodler's Bay State Blue). I recently got a Pilot VP and I could see that becoming a travel EDC as well!

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