My Travel Bag Essentials (after 100 Flights in a year)

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38 thoughts on “My Travel Bag Essentials (after 100 Flights in a year)”

  1. Hey Justin,

    Think it’s important to mention you’re talking about the US AMEX Business Platinum.

    Since I assumed you’re based in YYJ, I first thought you were talking about the Canadian version (which I have and is still an awesome card) – but it doesn’t include things like Uber credits.

    Also for US cards, think it’s worth picking up a Chase Sapphire Reserve – the priority pass restaurant benefit hasn’t been cut there yet! And redeeming UR at 1.5 cents each for any travel is an easy way to cash out at reasonable value. (Of course, transferring to a frequent flyer program and booking premium cabins is much more worth)

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