My Travel Makeup Bag – The "Check-In" Edition

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  1. Apologies for any confusion. I took down this video earlier today because I talked about how I carry-on this makeup bag onto planes, but the liquids I pack do not comply with the TSA guidelines. I personally have never had issues carrying-on what I show in this video, but I thought it was irresponsible of me to state it. Because the makeup bag I feature – the ESUM Pro Makeup Kit Bag – is sturdy enough to check-in, I thought this video could be my "Check-In" Edition. Now I'm planning a "Carry-On" Edition, so please keep an eye out for that if you're interested! I hope you enjoy the video and thank you so much for all your kind, supportive and encouraging comments here and on Instagram.

  2. Michele, you are such a Virgo! I know because I am also a Virgo. I consider everything when packing to travel or even my regular day to day bag! I have to look into these storage bags especially, the brush bag. Thank you for doing this video! 💜

  3. Thank you for always being so quick to address subscriber concerns. I really appreciate that you put this video back up since information like this is so helpful for me and many others.

  4. I immediately had to pop over to their site and have a little look around and wow! They are very reasonably priced/affordable. Even without the $20 off $100 sale.

  5. I’m happy you uploaded again. I used exactly the same tricks as you with the bubble wrap but i have also my society and I use to ship some shopping service when I travel xd and i used also the Japanese q tips so travel friendly I used the ones from étude house too they came in a little plastic case.

  6. I think it is very important to take this TSA serious because it is there for a reason. It makes me really anxious to hear that at certain airports this whole procedure it seems a bit wishy-washy. Great video! Greetings from Germany from someone who almost had to leave a big bottle P50 in CDG.

  7. timezone difference means lots can happen overnight and still look the same till you start reading 😃
    i saw the 1st post before going to bed & decided to watch it today. i find it this morning so didn’t experience the hours of it being off the channel, phew !
    interestingly i’ve also never really conformed to the TSA guidelines with regard to packing. i’ve only conformed to ensuring the volume of each product does not go beyond 100ml. so if all your items appear to be 100ml or under while going through the scan and you have no weapons or flammables showing up, you’re good to go.
    i love your packing style !! i’m both organised & chaotic partly because each time i travel i never really know what i’ll be doing and need to cover all bases. i travel to escape, not for work so trips tend to be fairly light on the makeup front.
    i have a thing for protective packaging as well : net washbags for clothes, shoe bags for undies / swimwear, vaccuum packs to compress them… i also travel with a roll of small binliners that i use for either damp or soiled items or to keep trash while on the go. they are also great to dump wet toiletries in before packing them in with the other dry items. i tend to have a lot of « just in case » items 😅

  8. Regarding baggage that goes in the hold: the anecdotal "explode disasters" I've heard all occurred in bags put in the hold–not up in passenger seating where the air pressure is set for passenger comfort at 7K to 9K feet above sea level. So I err on the side of caution, assume a lower air pressure there, and don't pack full or problematic packaging.

  9. Perfect timing for me since I’m leaving on Wednesday for a week in the Dominican Republic! I always bring things I don’t need or use, and your video has given me great ideas on what I can pare down. I’ll for sure be ordering this case and that brush book before my next trip!

  10. Wow, what an amazing case. 😍 I thought I over packed, but you have definitely made me feel better about what I take. 😂 I love travel size skincare and face palettes are the best. I use the PurseN travel cases – I have a large and medium depending on how long I’m away. I bought the bdellium tools brush case that Mel Thompson recommended because it doubles as storage cup for when I’m doing my make up. I always pack my makeup and skincare in my suitcase because I don’t want the hassle when going through security. My carry on is heavy enough! I pack a smaller carry on makeup case when flying long haul. 😊
    I’d love to see what you pack for a shorter trip. 💕

  11. I thought this was your weekend travel kit until the end! 💕💕😂😂
    At first I felt vindicated. Now I can’t deny I’m high maintenance😆

  12. Enjoyed as always. Another way to preclude vulnerable product from exploding in flight: FOR some product you apply with your fingers anyway (e.g. Glossier liquid blush in a squeezie tube) dot the small amount you think you will need into a Baggie and close it securely within another Baggie. Voila! The majority of your product stays happy at home. Uses less space, flat, weighs nothing, and less expensive.

  13. Love your ESUM makeup travel bag and all the various compartments. I missed the first video that was taken down. But I always carry on my makeup when I travel no way will I check it in. And I’ve never had a problem with TSA stopping me with my liquid that is makeup. But I too have TSA precheck. I love the ESUM clear cases so you can see everything. And I use those brush guards and love them. Definitely will have to look into the case so I can keep everything in one place. Thank you for showing us this video!

  14. For people travelling through the UK please check all your liquids, u r only allowed a small clear plastic bag with liquids under 100ml!!! They will take liquids off you if they do not fit in the small clear bag.

  15. Michele – thank you for this detailed review of this pro makeup travel kit. I travel a lot as well but my stuff always ends up in a jumble of plastic ziploc bags, “gifted” zip-top travel bags, etc, and I find myself cluttering bathrooms and rummaging through various bags for what I need a lot. The one good thing about that is that it permits me to distribute my things within the spaces available in my luggage. They question I have for you is, do you check this bag in as a separate piece of luggage on its own? Do you put it in a larger suitcase? It seems kind of bulky to do the latter, but the former also could be an issue with baggage constraints and such. I do a decent amount of travel by car, so for that it would be perfect as it is designed. I could also see taking the inner cases out and distributing them in my suitcase…..Hubby always just wants me to “take less stuff” but that’s a whole different story! I am going to check out your weekend bag review….

  16. FYI japonesque makes an empty 8 pan palette with mirror and lip brush that I put my lipsticks in. I cut off top of lipsticks and put one in each pan. Takes up virtually no space. And easier than carrying many tubes of lipsticks. Worth looking into.

  17. Hi Michele, thank you for bringing this interesting video back. Packing is absolute horror for me!
    Have you heard about the NEW CHANTECAILLE Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum? This sounds great! Are you planning to try it out?

  18. I can no longer lug a lot of stuff around so I decant my skincare, although it does take away from the enjoyment of my ritual. I don’t have the Esum brush book but investing in a nice brush roll was transformative. Everyone needs it. Now off to Amazon for the brush covers.

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