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45 thoughts on “MY TRAVEL MAKEUP BAG | WHAT + HOW I PACK (and a few tips)”

  1. what do you do when your flying and you have to get all that makeup in to on plastic bag plus you can only have one toiletbag per persen and you have one more for toilettreas

  2. I want to see an updated holy grails video with each make up category. I want to update my make up collection and want a full run down on what you like best, because you are the person who inspired me to start make up and the first time I ever bought make up, I used your favorites. I looked amazing just because of your product selection, even though I wasn't very good at using make up yet.

  3. hey I just subscribed to your channel and I had an idea of a video you could do…NOT saying you have to just wondering if you could test different makeup travel bags cheap vs the one u have from Sephora to see if any of them are actually worth buying…maybe test one every new trip? Idk might not even mean anything or whatever just an idea. Thanks for the video loved watching. 🙂

  4. Hey Kathleen I don’t think you will really care about this but I was wondering if u sleep on ur back?😂 cause u have an amazing eye shape and my eyes r kinda droopy and I’ve heard that when u sleep in your back it can fix droopy eyes cause of drainage and your head being stopped up and crap. So does anybody if this tip actually works???

  5. Omg I have the same bag lol I'm leaving on a trip and trying to figure out how to pack it lol this helped a lot, I own both of the natasha denona pallets the blue brown and the purple one also the all star i just love her shadows!!!!and I think the allstar fits better for traveling for me. Anyways thanks for this love you!!!!

  6. Loooooved this video, I am actually going out of town this weekend, I am a terrible packer, I always need to take extra stuff, because, just in case, you never know, right? Anyway, this video is super useful… BUT, how to you pack your skin care? Do you take another of those super Sephora bag-type-thigs?

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