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48 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS Forest In The PHILIPPINES Mountains | BecomingFilipino Travel Alone”

  1. Some of filipinos who doesn't have any idea about us igorots says … Igorot have tail living in a mountain ignorant and un educated… Yes we igorots lives in a mountain coz we prefer peace and silent life than living in a city full of crimes.. we igorots doesn't have tail …. We're not ignorant we are very silent types of tribes who knows everything in life… We are educated as well mybe we can't say some didn't finish there degree but we know how to respect other people dispites of discrimating us igorots…

  2. This is greatly appreciated. I was born and raised in this majestic picturesque part of the world where everybody knows everybody. I'm watching this from Manhattan, NY πŸ—½

  3. I long waited for you to visit the cordilleras hoping to give you some kind of tour. I git sick so i missed that. Ingat sa motor bro! Bi ge watching your cordillera trip. Learn lots!

  4. Thats the halsema highway, twist and turns, turns and twist, zigzag there and here, but very gentle and accomodating, just stop anywhere, folks will always light a fire

  5. I will watch all the advertisement .. 😊 .. to say Iyaman for all the correct info you are saying …not like other who come visiting places and giving wrong info… Some one from The Senate should watch this video cause Igorots don't go and make Palimos..

  6. When you say "tabi tabi po" is a kind of funny thing hearing it with foreigner, …but on the otherhand i felt that you really immersed with the Filipino culture already! I salute you bro!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œβ€

  7. Hey Kyle you and bisayang hilaw are both in baguio at the moment, please give him a shout and do an episode together, everyone's gonna love it.

  8. Hi Kulas,
    I grew up in Mankayan but have been residing in Ontario for the last 30 plus years.
    Thank you for bringing us back to images of our childhood and showcasing how beautiful the mountains of Benguet are.
    May God keep you safe in your travels so that we are able to enjoy and share your Philippine adventures for many more years to come.

  9. The Soup from Cow Skin was called " Balbacua" my friend.. It's Ilokano native delicacies.. Thank you for sharing the Beauty of the Philippines.. Especially Benguet.. Watching from Jeddah Saudi Arabia… God bless

  10. Do you know how to support the "becoming Filipino vlog? Sometimes there is commercial before the video starts or before it ends,watch the commercial for atleast 30 secs. Parte na rin ng pasasalamat ntin na sa pamamagitan niya naipopromote ang ating bayan. Bisitahin mu din po ang Bagnen banko mt province..taga dun po ako πŸ˜„. Salamat po πŸ˜„

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