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  1. Hey! I’ll be glad to show you Minsk. Moreover, I and my friends are starting a social project. We want to show our guests that Belarus is a modern and developing country and we want the whole world to know about it. This is the aim:)
    We organize your weekend (absolutely for free, I mean, we are not a tour agency or something. If we go somewhere to eat or have fun, for instance, everyone pays for his own.) You will get to know a lot of interesting people and places, places which often are not accessible to usual tourists. And the only thing I want you to do is to write an honest feedback about our country and city in your social networks.
    How it works:
    -We provide our services on a voluntary basis so it is free of charge.
    -Our handlers are people who have been specially chosen so we completely trust them
    – We do not sign any agreements, so, if you lose interest in your handler, you will have the possibility of withdrawing from it and have a rest, by yourself.
    – We do not have to strictly follow the rules of the program. This is not an excursion but rather a weekend with friends.
    – It is preferable that you agree with your handler on the place of your accommodation. That would make it more convenient to meet and travel around the city.
    – You are supposed to pay for transport and accommodation during your staying in Belarus
    – In order to become our guest, it is enough to write a short introduction about yourself. After that, we will agree on the dates and those who will be with you in the group.

    Let's do it together and the next time people will not ask: Belarus? Where is it?
    My contact: 375 29 109 9999

  2. Very informative video, a bit weird that you mentioned it is prohibited to take photos of the public transport?? I've also read online that youngsters below the age of 18 are not allowed to be outside of their houses after 11pm in Belarus so I find this quite interesting

  3. Really enjoyed this video on Minsk. What was the name of the song that you used in the background? It was really catchy and kind of gave your video this "80s NYC dance music vibe" to it for some odd reason. 🙂

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