Naked Teen Accused of Killing 3 Runs From Cops

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39 thoughts on “Naked Teen Accused of Killing 3 Runs From Cops”

  1. Rest in peace to the 3.God I hope she didn't have to watch her baby die. This is devastating.I hope he comes back to his right state of mind and has to live with the guilt of what he did.SMH damn…..this hurts my feelings.

  2. Before we go on too long and argue with our own theories, family members have gone on social media and admitted that Bernard had a mental illness for some time. It seems to confirm how he behaved (this video) after committing murder. He’s not barricaded in a house fighting off police. He’s not out committing more crimes. He’s naked…running through the local church. He is completely oblivious of what he has done.

    This is absolutely awful. Don’t let him see the light of day. Throw away the damn key.

  3. You hypocrites should have shown the entire video where he was running from the cops, and the dumb cop running from him like an idiot instead of tasing or shooting him. He murdered 3 people, choked our a bystander in front of the cops but he was able to be calmly restrained and walk away alive. Whilst black men, women and children get shot and killed by the cops for putting their hands in the air and complying with the police. At no time the cops felt threatened enough to shoot and kill the killer. They remember the correct training conveniently, what a shame.

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