NASA Insider PROVES Time Travel Is REAL! Black Hole Discovered In Earth's Core? 2019-2020

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25 thoughts on “NASA Insider PROVES Time Travel Is REAL! Black Hole Discovered In Earth's Core? 2019-2020”

  1. Mathematics is like music for some people. You can create many things with it. You can discover the beauty of art with it. And the secrets within it are waiting to be discovered. The mind is a beautiful thing. Isn't it? This was awesome.

  2. Do the math. Time travel (back and forth) can happen. High school kids have even done experiments to show this. NASA still can't tell the truth about the Moon Landing why should anyone believe her? Just think about this: If the speed of light can change, then why should we expect the speed of light to be the same everywhere or in other words how could this change in the speed of light be managed throughout the universe to keep it consistent? Alternatively, is the speed of light different in various places? Likewise, her notion of planets having dark holes in them is also very dubious. If what she says is true, then there must be dark holes inside of everything.

  3. CERN Logo says it all Cally the destroyer. The black hole was said to be the 5 years Earth has left according to this one scientist if a black hole was created. anyways Hadron is not worth the risk. Now they are making it larger for time travel. Anyways who gave them permission to take those chances with everyone's lives?ย  Right now there is this NWO out of the United Nations who wants its own Armed Forces to enforce its own world government, Out of FKN Germany Again? Do the Math that's 3 for 3 . They now have control over money metal and energy world wide. And are the front for such entitles as the Rothschild's the Rockefellers the Bilderbergers, the Tri Laterals, The Aluminate and all seeing eyes of the highest order of MASONS. You do the MATH all tucked away back in old Royalty deep in the Heart of Germany. With Satellite country of Support always behind the scene Switzerland..

  4. She speaks so matter of fact, and ending all those sentences with "Don't worry ", and a chuckle, makes ONE a little bit worried, L๐Ÿ˜ŽL, however, she seems very self-assured and smart, as she put it, " Guess time will tell ".๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž Great Vid Guys, rock them out

  5. Speed of light has had measurement differences for a long time. Side-real motion of our galaxy affects it. It's actually a useful tool for measuring side-real in xyz, that hasn't been fully realized yet.

    Black-holes suck up everything. They grow. Her calculation about where a black hole could be inside Earth, is likely a static timed model. This lady is ignoring the seismic waves we've sent through to determine the densities in Earth.

    I do like the c^3 part of her new equation. She's found the bang energy, but is ignoring the 'bang-crunch' model of the universe, which better explains the visible accelerating towards the non-visible.

  6. Funny how we have been taught all our lives that the earths core has a plasma core or magma center. If this is true how does it get Co2 to keep it burning.

  7. When I started college a year early back in 1971 I liked to hang out and shmooze with my physics professor. We would discuss cosmology and he was highly critical of some of accepted orthodoxies, not least of which was the notion that Hubbleโ€™s constant and red shift can be used to measure the age, size and distance of observable objects. He maintained that the central problem is that red shift is due to the โ€œagingโ€ of light over time. We also discussed the possibility that the speed of light is not constant over time and that time itself is variable. He was annoyed with how math was being employed independent of empirical evidence. At this point I donโ€™t know if he was able to publish his ideas but it would seem that they are falsifiable unlike some contemporary pieties based on math models only. He also told me that aging of light and red shift were not new ideas when he was a student.

  8. Yes you can time speed forward and go back in time but when you doing that you do change the past and would also be careful what you do our alien cousins are using a black hole a source of power we just need to be more educated

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