Ned Nwoko Arrived Asaba In 3 Private Jets Ahead of Regina Daniels Events

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34 thoughts on “Ned Nwoko Arrived Asaba In 3 Private Jets Ahead of Regina Daniels Events”

  1. If she is unhappy it's unrelevant, because she is not force to marry the old man, if she did for money that is the purpose because her acting will not give her fast money she went for fast track and she knows what she is doing.

  2. my ideas doesn't matter but still l can't keep quite am allergic. Honestly Regina your a very good looking young woman or whatever, very young my dear, l don't know why marrying that old man, at first l thought his your great grandpa, l was confused l guess but l have to stay in my lane, congratulations.

  3. She is just a bit embarrassed of people's opinions toward the old man and her relationship if it was soma she would be posting like hell money is what's making her not to care

  4. My dear money is not happiness the rich also cry .people should be very careful in life not all that glitters is Gold .you can be rich and do not have happiness and joy

  5. Thunder fire poverty. Money is good. The marriage will last. She is quiet bcos she has too much regard for her hubby, not only that, the level she is operating now is a surprise to her…….why won't she be quiet? Is Ned her level?

  6. Action speaks louder than voice. Right from the onset, any intelligent person would have read her body language. It's obvious she is not proud of her husband nor happy when she is with him.

  7. Regina wants to enjoy luxuries but she no want show love. She has to be careful not to lose all the luxuries. The man is watching patiently, remember he's a lawyer too. Regina need to play smart and be grateful yo God. Enemies no go rejoice over you o.

  8. Whether she is happy or not it's her life , you people should just leave her alone. I know most of the ladies saying she will regret marrying a man older than her are dying to be in her shoes now, and to the guys saying she is in because of money please if it's your sister won't you be happy. Abeg go make money and stop those silly noise hypocrites.

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