New Bodycam Video, Leaked Photos Show Chaotic Scene In Las Vegas

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4 thoughts on “New Bodycam Video, Leaked Photos Show Chaotic Scene In Las Vegas”

  1. In the photo showing the room from outside the door that Paddock supposedly shot Campos through… Why is there crime scene tape covering the doorway? I can't think of any reason that the police would block half of their crime scene off. Considering that the entire floor would be one giant scene. With investigators moving around the entire floor as well as in and out of the room. The stairwell is a crime scene as well because isn't that how the police got up there? And a crime that major, at a minimum, the whole wing of that hotel would be evacuated and made a crime scene. Don't believe any of the narrative on this one. Not any of it.

  2. Excust me, but why the hell is a police officer laying on top of a woman????? This wasn' t Viet Nam. The fact that the source of the shooting could be detected – and lack of follow-up by SWAT going to his room, only makes me suspicious of who the players were for this false flag event. Obsessing about a window and not doing a damn thing also tells me this was a setup.

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