NEW Peak Design Travel Tripod HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE for Photo & Video!

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49 thoughts on “NEW Peak Design Travel Tripod HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE for Photo & Video!”

  1. *PLEASE READ* Regarding comments about YouTube Creators are only saying positive things about the tripod because we got it for "free," please watch my video first when you get the chance. I mentioned both PROS and CONS about the tripod and who would benefit from using it. I've also mentioned a couple of expectations to those who are about to make an expensive investment so they won't be surprised by it when they receive it at the end of the year. I seldom blindly recommend camera products on my channel until I've had a decent amount of experience with it. Those who've been a long time subscriber can attest to my long form reviews. And yes, Peak Design supplied this tripod to me for review purposes. While it may seem like it's "free," it does takes a lot of time for us creators to test out the product to make sure it's not a dud and then make a video properly informing our viewers about it. I've even brought this with me on a wedding shoot to get some real world experience with it to formulate better opinions about the tripod. We're not being paid and we're not obligated to make the video. But we enjoy making videos, sharing our excitement about something, and we want the community to enjoy a cool product as well (or to avoid it if it really does suck). Hope this help clear things up!

  2. Jason, the plate latch, is it plastic? How is the ball attached to the center post, just looks like it would snap off. Could see a A9 w/70-200 lying on the ground when the post snaps the ball off from the mechanical advantage the head looks to have from the design, just wondering?

  3. I really like the design, but cannot seem to justify the $479 for the discounted carbon-fibre price. Just as soon continue to wrap my unmentionables around the legs of my MeFoto Roadtrip for that price.

  4. Affiliate link for a $600 travel tripod? Hmm…
    BTW: I watched the entire video and I have to say that it's unbelievable how many people have already backed this Kickstarter. Although I too struggle carrying a tripod comfortably when traveling, PD's solution is not worth the money.

  5. I understand the price is there for a reason, but still scares a lot of people, especially who are starting to buy their first tripod. Otherwise this a really good tripod, with some serious improvements required.

  6. Founder of peak design on tech crunch promo made it seem like he discovered the leg geometry. I have had a tripod flashlight from Home Depot for over 12 years that has the same legs. I love it when entrepreneurs make it seem like they are Tesla. I also love the media blitz of testimonials by YouTube influencers that seems synchronized and glowing and yet they say they are not peak design hacks. Having said this it looks like a great concept and tripod that like many other tripods and camera equipment is waaaayyy over priced. Sometimes I wish smartphone would decimate DSLR and pro camera accessory companies- greedy bastards that they are.

  7. Any comments on the ball head on this compared to an actual ball head.
    Apparently it’s not very flexible according to objective reviews.
    Are you confident about the really thin center column?
    You cannot move the “ball head” until you extend the central column thus adding stability issues.
    Actual ball heads don’t need the central column to be extended to move and pan the camera.
    Do you feel that these compromises justify the cost of the tripod, just to keep it compact.
    Can you talk about carbon fiber travel tripods in the $200-300 range that have the same capacity and an actual ball head and how this compares? Like your befree? It has a real ball head and is considered one of the best compact tripods made. Do you feel that all the compromises with the peak design one along with the price justifies it over the befree.
    Would you actually buy one, even if you had the befree, if you didn’t get it free?
    Is all these omissions due to them sponsoring your flight to San Francisco?
    I enjoy your videos and enthusiasm and objective videos. I just don’t feel that this one is very objective.

    I really got a better objective review after watching Tony Northrop’s video.
    I figured you would also catch the design flaws, so came by to get your take on it.

  8. It looks really interesting, especially the small form-factor. But this is the second review I'm watching and nobody is talking about the stability of the tripod when it's extended. That's the single most important feature of a tripod and an area where a LOT of travel tripods fail. Since this one is a 5 part leg-design, that usually also means thinner legs and therefor a more unstable design. It would be great to get some details about the actual stability of the legs.

  9. Thank you for being the only one I've seen up until now, to talk about why the price is what it is.
    Also for the people complaining, there are tripods in that price range from established manufacturers, which doesn't even include a head, most time their ballheads go for 200-400 extra.
    Also i love that you put the fluidhead on the ballhead, did you try pans? If so, how stable/shaky were they?

  10. Have you tried putting some weight on the hook to weigh it down? Is the hook made out of metal or plastic? I tend to find myself shooting in some breezy or windy spots. By the way that city hall is beautiful, my girlfriend lives down the road, literally next to the train station. Which I cannot wait to shoot some low light/light trail photography when I move there from Alaska.

  11. For videos peeps… how is the stability, I also had that manfrotto pro fluid head that Jason’s using here and it’s pretty heavy on my beefree which makes me want to check out the gimbal fluid head from Gitzo but it’s $500 …no way lol

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