New Real Estate Investor – Building a Rental Portfolio Fast!

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44 thoughts on “New Real Estate Investor – Building a Rental Portfolio Fast!”

  1. If you get a business loan for all of your properties, how is it possible to add more units to your portfolio still if you personally can't afford them? Having tenants in every property 24/7/365 doesn't seem realistic.

  2. The real estate investment is so region or city dependent. With this duplex purchased at $265,000 and 3 rooms in the front and back with 3 rooms, and each room can be rented around $500. This kind of deal is impossible in Vancouver, Canada. It would cost perhaps close 2 million Canadian if not over in Vancouver to purchase a duplex and the room rent is anywhere around $600 to $800. So how about having a video on how to repeat the strategy in Vancouver, Canada?

  3. Probably the best channel I’ve seen on this stuff. As a single woman who has never done this before, Angie was a HUGE selling point in me subscribing to your channel AND getting alerts for new videos! Keep her as a regular. I’m about to follow her on IG, as well! Also, great questions you asked!

  4. You guys are lucky in Canada, in The Netherlands you have to have direct daylight in the living areas, otherwise it is a no go. A basement like that would never do the trick.

  5. Congratulations Angie. I hear you on keeping going instead of slowing down. My wife and I closed two multi family properties in 20 days Nov-Dec 2018. I am looking for our next deal.

  6. I don't wanna go with that aggressive.. if housing market crash ….. may be I'm overthinking but hey who knows.. anyway good luck and thanks for sharing video

  7. I decided this year to get into real estate too. The passive income always looked attractive and the down payment always turned me off. Until I realized the money from the down payment is still mine, it’s just in the property now instead of the bank. I started 2018 living in an apartment and am ending it with 1 sfh and three duplexes. We all start at zero. Awesome job Angie.

  8. Great video Matt.. Angie's story is inspirational! The only thing i dont think i heard is how she financed those deals. Did she have the cash? Hard Money? Creative lending ideas? She didnt mention her funding strategy. otherwise great vid

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