NEW Rosemont Photo Release of Hotel KITCHEN FREEZER and KENNEKA JENKINS

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20 thoughts on “NEW Rosemont Photo Release of Hotel KITCHEN FREEZER and KENNEKA JENKINS”

  1. See that white nob u push that and that release thehandle to the freezer and let's u out how they locked her in they had to held it or she was unconscious it doesn't make since these freezers are ment to be walked in and shut and then walked out

  2. I don't believe that our baby girl kenneka went through that many dam doors by her self someone help her back there after they did what they did to her 😡😡😔😔

  3. Wow Wow I'm not going to believe that she went into that dirty ass freezer and lay her self down like that it's hard to believe any of that she walk around that hole kitchen. Rose Mont Police department need that ass kick if they think we going to believe that kenneka did all that walking

  4. This is what gets to me, the only thing wet on her is her hair??? Her clothes should be wet from her being frozen as they say…Period..this stuff goes on more than we realize..may this Beautiful baby girl rest in peace with all of these other m8ss8ng Brown babies..Ba safe Be Blessed pray so you DoNot becone PREYED on.Amen.

  5. I'm sure it was murder but to cover all avenues…. When people overdose doesn't the other users around think about putting them in a bathtub of ice…. Maybe this was one of the ways to resussitate her and it failed miserably…. But after she was raped and beaten. The men at the party may have been on meth or some other drug that made them violent. Or….. Maybe it was all Part of gangs initiation. Maybe she was joining the gang.

  6. why is she so dirty if all she did was walk from a hotel room to the kitchen? shes filthy like she been dragged through dirt , what is the blood from by her face? and why is her leg frozen in an upright position , she was strangled while someone was on top of her , shes in a defensive pose , poor girl and if she was capable of climbing stairs she was capable of pushing a door knob to open the damn door to get herself out , whatever man this case is dispicable

  7. How could they say foul play not involved? Neka looks clean and groomed stumbling around (if its the real neka), yet in the freezer she is bloodied and dishevelled and dirty. 4:54 3 blood marks on the inner door handle/ 4:56 another blood smear inside the door higher up. 11:21 def looks like 2 or 3 blood smears near her chest area on the floor. Who are they kidding? Even if she stumbled in there and got locked in, what? She beat up on herself, bloodied herself? wtf??

  8. I have one question for y'all if she was so drunk ? Why did she jus stop in the 1st door to the freezer? Ok n how did she open up both freezer door.s if one space was dark in then? Ok

  9. She just walked in side the freezer then the door shut wow scary 😥😥😥😥why is she lying in the corner with her head down and on other pictures she turned around looking like angel wow😖😖😖I just don't believe this is the girl we been shown as kenneka😥😥😥who relief these photos of her,the mom about half crazy to

  10. This would be way to hard for a beyond drunk woman to open. She was thinking and athletic .. no one believes this cover up and the devil is in the details . All the people involved will be tormented and haunted by her . Bullied by everyone who won't stand for fake bullshit anymore. Time to make this all stop. Prayer meditation and constant non stop power that we know what's happening and we won't be quiet anymore . Sex trafficking and organ harvesting is the number one of the top money makers aside from marijuana. Protect your souls !! They want your blood !! It's in your light !!

  11. What about those tattoos? In her own vids there are no tats on her belly or piercings….these tats look old too. If you look at her arms and frame she's little. She's not a thick girl. Thicka is where I saw the vids and KJ had no fat on her tummy at all. Even Maya has the same frame. Look at all of her body. Her breasts were nothing like the girl in the elevator. That body looks like an older body. Not a teens body. She dressed pretty nice where things fit. Those pants don't look right and she didn't have bangs. Looking at the hair there's shorter hair in the front of the person in the freezer. KJ didn't have bangs and her hair was long all around. IDK but things don't seem right at all here. There's a couple lip glosses in the freezer. Y'all gotta go back and watch KJ in real life and look over your old stuff and your new stuff and put the puzzle together. They talked about the cameras and if one wasn't working, the next day or even hours they had someone out there fixing them. I saw that. Them saying that they didn't work is bullshit!! KJ walking around like that at that time should of caught securities attention or someone who worked there cause I lived in a hotel on the beach because they rent the bigger rooms out for the winter and you know everyone parties at the beach and if anyone was loud or out walking security was right there and they let you know their cameras were on all the time and where KJ was at?? It is a way nicer hotel. This just doesn't seem right at all. It doesn't feel right. I watched her on video and she just is different from the girl in the freezer and the casket for sUre… focus more, so things will come out right. I think y'all are doing great and keeping this case alive cause if you didn't it would of died with this beautiful girl and that'd be it. God bless you all.

  12. …..I would love to have seen the gang and police when they were stageing that freezer scene…they probably was scared and mad and confused all at once..
    first they had to piece a body together with another just to make her a whole body..because she was mutilated..then they had to place all the Masonic / gang signs all over freezer.. buttons,coins,scrunchy tie,tennis shoes,plastic on finger,pieces of saran wrap that they had her wrapped in like a hoagies sandwich.. hand shaped to form hand signal of gang..,hair and face arranged to hide her cut throat..Lanora having to bring another wig because they'd pulled KANEEKA'S hair out and it would be harder to hide her neck if hair was bone straight..I guess that wig was close as they could find…I've often wondered why they cut her leg off tho… anybody can see that dark damaged foot and leg is not hers…
    there's three tale tale signs that show me those are not both her legs…I noticed it right off….I been waiting for others to see it and post but evidently they hadn't caught it yet…
    plus kaneeka was pregnant.. and and they had to gather up the little baby and put him on gurney too u reckon…
    so sad the whole thing!!

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