New York City travel vlog ~part 2~

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29 thoughts on “New York City travel vlog ~part 2~”

  1. Exactly like me , i am getting better at vlogging but i am just watching youtube videos of new york vlogs to see how people vlog in the city as i am currently in New York so when i do decide to go vlogging i know what to talk about instead of being embarresed when i am videoing, please help 🙂

  2. hi guys💜

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    I’m a musician, I sing and play instruments, dance, write songs and music, I love to shoot creative videos and edit them, I love photos, sports, I’m for healthy lifestyle, I strive for the perfect physique, travel and learn something new is my passion, a book lover 🍀

    My dream is to become a singer, to show my creativity, to convey my true self through it, to become an actress, to visit all countries, move abroad and many more goals that will be achieved 👌

    I want to show and prove to everyone that dreams can really be realized, the most important thing is not to filon, but to work on yourself and your future 🌏

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