Newest Abusers & Abuses (Stop 007)

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  1. Catherine if you can I can make a president case here in Florida I have a rock rock rock solid hard case against the local authorities leave it at that I have an attorney I got to move on and quickly I don't have the money I've been diagnosed with cancer the spinal cord metastasize to the spinal column phone so I can't come up with the money myself right now and it's pretty urgent I can make presidents on this case no problem here's my email
    [email protected]

  2. are you kidding I told you guys they hit me with speeding cars 10 times the last time he hit me in the back right after I got my neck brace taking off. there are many people would have called me with people trying to hit them with cars as they were walking their dogs is this been going on how's the new Catherine

  3. Of course Ella Free did NOT say most targeted individuals were mentally ill. Of course it was the media misquoting her. She has already come out and said they misquoted her. We can always assume it is the media working against us, and most likely never targeted individuals. Most Targeted Individuals do not know how to tell a lie, are kind, caring, loving, intelligent, and extremely sane and. creative–we just don't know how to hurt other people.

  4. Your humility and willingness to be vulnerable, saves lives. When I watched some of your original videos, where you were covering your head in tinfoil and whatnot ( and by then I had finally figured out I was getting hit by DEW -again, in part because of your information) ..I thought, if this extremely intelligent, articulate, sane, educated women can put on a tinfoil hat, then I can too! I might not have followed any lesser being into the world of tinfoil! Thankyou. You've saved my health–I was always sick–with serious infections, pneumonia, before I started shielding.. When Barbara Hartwell started making fun of you for the tinfoil hate vidoes (LOL) I Lost all faith in her. Thank you again.

  5. Can you explain how the VATICAN and JESUITS benefit from programs like MKULTRA, MEDUSA, brain control, electromagnetic assaults etc.
    I watch all your videos and you only accuse, NEVER give any sound reason. It could be thought that you are hiding the real perpetrators and creating a very convenient smoke curtain for your kind of followers? I am not a believer, but I need proof to accuse. I await the presentation of your case in court (IF YOU EVER GO TO COURT) to judge what you really are. You can delete this comment or put it at the end of the comments. It will be read on other webs.

  6. You can use folio under the cap. I use to get rid of my pain with folio wraps. I live in 7 floor house and I have terrible headaches and
    have to sleep in folio wraps and foliomat under my bed. It makes it possible to live somehow. I'd rather move to country house, but my husband will not allow it…

  7. Marc Bernays Randolph (born April 29, 1958) is an American tech entrepreneur, advisor, speaker and environmental advocate. He is the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix.

    Randolph was born in Chappaqua, New York, the eldest child of Stephen Bernays Randolph, an Austrian-born nuclear engineer, and Muriel Lipchik of Brooklyn, New York. Randolph’s paternal great-granduncle was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud and his paternal great-uncle was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.

    Randolph’s first job out of college in 1981 was at Cherry Lane Music Company in New York. Put in charge of the company’s small mail-order operation, Randolph taught himself direct mail and marketing techniques while tinkering with different ways to sell Cherry Lane’s catalog of sheet music directly to consumers. Randolph’s fascination with using computer software to track customers’ buying behavior would ultimately inform his decision to create a user interface at Netflix that doubled as a market research platform.

  8. The space shuttle control towers/people used microwave tech to do the very challenging approach paths and land. It's something I read on NASA websites long ago. It was hard on the pilots, so maybe there are documents about it.

  9. now they tell me i have a lump in left breast and guess they will just do another monogram at imaging place but u and I know we hate going to doctors, hospitals and etc.

  10. Dr. Your analysis on all of this stuff is spot on. You should come over to the States and get ahold of Alex Jones or something, and do a segment or whatever on his show. Then you 2 could discuss all of this stuff going on and maybe take in some callers etc to help some people out keep doing a great job digging deep in this mess God Bless you

  11. Who's doing all that? How are they able to make a ticket 6,66 in the supermarket? How do they know some numbers in the lotery? Why do they atttack the private parts?

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