Niki Lauda takes reporter flying on his airplane

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48 thoughts on “Niki Lauda takes reporter flying on his airplane”

  1. The tactics and interference from the Austrian government, indeed most governments, when the people started earning enough money to start their own airlines is still sickening today. Niki, Branson, Laker: all went through the mill to get ‘licenses’ to operate what is essentially just like any normal business. State sanctioned monopolies. One rule for us etc

  2. to do a ¼ good job running a airline is amazing. to here him say he fly 2 or 3 routes to see ground staff affecting tern around times is A1. I just hope he shunned Lewis constant bitching

  3. I am a racing fan from the U.S. so I didn't grow up watching F1. I always heard of Nikki Lauda but never knew he had an airline and Flew a Global. Legend. RIP.

  4. He was a 767 captain in his airline . I would trust him totally. An amazing man. Took on Boeing aggressively after a crash, you know few people could do what he achieved.

  5. Lauda was privately owned – a huge difference between that and a publicly owned airline. They are beholden to the stockholders whereas Lauda's is run his way without concern for the absolute maximum profit.

  6. An inspiration of manhood and blunt determination. We like to put many people on pedestals that surly have absolutely nothing on this guy. Very few people couldve gone thru the trials in life he's gone thru and have such sheer incorruptible will power and blunt logic to any and all of lifes situations. Burned up in a fire? ok so what does that have to do with winning the championship!? he's just that kinda guy, and not figuratively, hes actually the authentic real deal!!. He takes everything we do in procrastination hesitation doubt and flips i all on its head with utter non wavering logic. The clearly was a man who never cryed as a baby, because he was never a baby.

  7. I once flew with Niki's airline that he himself piloted, it was a very pleasant experience. Hostess's also had the coolest uniforms smart casual uniforms too.

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