Nipsey Hussle Was Part Owner Of The Virgin Casino Opening In Las Vegas Next Year

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25 thoughts on “Nipsey Hussle Was Part Owner Of The Virgin Casino Opening In Las Vegas Next Year”

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  2. Black people gun each other down in America quite often, it just so happens that the black person killed in this instance is a somebody – nothing more.

  3. This is a great and very informative video Phil. There's always been a concentrated effort to thwart and destroy any movement toward unifying and organizing the Black Community. In the words of Tariq Nasheed, Eric Holder was most likely a co-oped negro sent to assassinate Nipsey. However we all see that white supremacy is on it's last leg. No matter what thou, the work that Nipsey started will continue. His effort will not be in vain. #THEMARATHONCONTINUES.

  4. Why are we referring to a man who only existed as a character,all these alleged achievements are all apart of the stage play that describes the life of a “main character”..All these “achievements” were fictional as well as the character.For heavens sake the man’s name is “Armias Asghedon”..Hell his real birth name wasn’t even used in his obituary..They used his stage name “Nipsey Hussel”..I feel like the world is in a Psychological bubble of the twilight zone..

  5. Honesty I'm confused about all these conspiracy to Nipsey dealth one minute I think the Government had the LAPD to have Nipsey killed cause of all the property he were buying and investing in The next minute I think his baby moma Tanisha have something to do with Nipsey murder cause of jealousy and envy I truly think one of these conspiracies are actually the truth Hopefully the driver tell everything she know

  6. So I don’t wanna hear it about how black men do try, we damned if we do and damned if we don’t, but you always knew they meaning the government were against black people, now y’all get to see how hard they make it for us to survive and raise a family, it doesn’t matter what we do they won’t let everybody make it to the top

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