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  1. What an extremely well put together and intelligent video. World class production. Thank you. In the top 2 or 3 best videos I've ever seen on YouTube. My best to the both of you.

  2. Appreciate that you don't just use your lady to just pose for sexy photos like most travel bloggers seem to do nowadays…. Anyway, very helpful and actually no bullshit! Thanks guys!

  3. I'm planning on going in Autumn 2020.
    I am an eastern European, so "cheap"i really the only thing I can afford 😀
    Anyways I don't need to travel around much, I just need a good hostel, with "nature" not too far away so I can escape the city (also in my experience, if you want to get to know the "real" country you best do this outside of cities). But since I've never been there before and probably will be travelling alone, I will probably stay around Ho Chi Minh City for my first trip.
    I definitely go visit the Cu Chi Tunnels and maybe book some trips through nature, I've heard a Mekong Delta trip is pretty nice…..
    Hopefully I find some nice locals to talk to, I like to meet and get to know local people while visiting their country 🙂
    Anyways, very helpful guide, thanks for your good work.

  4. Great very helpful thanks. Am heading to NAAM to work with tons of luggage. 3 bags, which means I always need a cab, while getting to my accommodation. No way around it. Any tips on getting from Da Naang to Ho Chi Mihn City. ? Flying?

  5. Love Vietnamese food. Some of the sweetest people I have ever met when traveling. I don't pack anything when I go just a few days worth., I buy what I need when there. I try to help the economy while there.

  6. omg you guys are super helpful. I really wish I've seen this video before my trip.
    I did sort out most of my concerns during the trip, however it is just wasted me a lot of time and unnecessary money.

  7. THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!! it was beyond helpful. everyone should watch it before they visit Vietnam!! and thank you for informing me about vietnamese coffee!! I've made a little travel video of Vietnam in 1 minute, if you want to see 🙂

  8. Great traveling video and i 've watched your three countries videos , Thailand ,Cambodia and Vietnam. Great couple and love you both very much and wishing you good luck for ever '

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