Nomatic Travel Pack 6 Month Review!

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12 thoughts on “Nomatic Travel Pack 6 Month Review!”

  1. I have the messenger bag from them. Really want to get this bag. Like you, I also work in downtown Chicago and the weather is nuts. Do you have or know of any discounts that are being offered to get this bag? I want to get the updated version from Nomatic.

  2. Note: I bought one for my friend. She is about 5ft6 and the bag looks pretty big on her. It is also quite heavy. Sturdy material but it really adds weight. With the extended pack out the bag truly is bulky because it isn't so tall and obviously extends outwards. The zips are quite sticky in the corners, hard to get around – but hopefully in time this will ease up. Also there are so so so many zips, feels like too many but hey. It's a bag. The waist straps are great, super comfy and take a lot of load off, highly recommend.
    Also the packing cube is god damn incredible. I love that thing.

  3. Hi! Have you kept using it? How bad are the zippers? Do they really keep getting up from the bottom?
    I've been interested on buying it lately so im trying to collect as much opinions as i can.

  4. Great video, thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough review. As you know with the price, most people, myself included want to make sure its right for them. I have one question that I am having trouble finding throughout the internet. I already have one rolling carry on bag but I would like to use this as my secondary bag to put underneath the seat of an airplane. Have you had any experience placing this bag underneath a seat of an airplane and/or using it as the secondary bag you bring onto an airplane? Thank you for your help!

  5. the review is well-intentioned: honest, real, situated… nevertheless, all the CONS exposed have been situational. Thinking about what was pointed as negative…these are all self-contained situations, odd brand-placement, personal choices. I have yet to see something objectively negative about this bag.

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